Vee Miyagi – One

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From Chicago comes a hip-hop artist named Vee Miyagi. The rapper’s music video entitled “One” addresses the introspective exploration of growth and ode to love. The setting takes place on the streets of the windy city. Vee Miyagi and his beautiful lady (portrayed by Miri Tesfazion) are walking the streets side by side, while Miyagi raps about his love for the woman. He mentions the perfection of her body and proceeds to tell her how much he loves her. He is aware that she’s “sick of the scenery” and wants a change; he raps how he can provide a new one with an ocean. The beat is just the right amount of simplicity to enhance the lyrics in the track. Miyagi’s words are important to him because he pours his heart out to the “one.” Without a doubt, he is there for his lady whenever she needs him. The music video may only be just above 2 minutes, but it has a lot to say. Enjoy it with the one you love.

Directed, shot, and edited by Rob Sheppard and William Welch King.