Van Pi – Human-Nature

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Factory plants, explosions, and hazardous landfills are just some of the compelling images in this thought-provoking video. In Van Pi‘s music video for “Human-Nature,” we are welcomed with a scientist in an enclosed research lab. With minimal equipment surrounding him, the analyst is mainly focused on the fish tank, where he begins his experiments. His actions coincide with the eerie music in the background, while the haunting bleeps are visually displayed with powerful, purple-filtered images that pop up on the screen. The science expert begins his tests on his fish tank by polluting it with various unknown liquids while smoking a cigarette. He then goes on to a second experiment, where he fills a tank of plants with aerosol, trash, and acid. What is Van Pi trying to prove about human nature? As living beings on this earth, are we good? Do we deserve to be here? Watch the music video and then decide for yourself.

Van Pi = Van Peter + Ivo
The video is made by 310k in cooperation with Bill Tanaka © 2014

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