Van Pi – Dreamroof (feat. Anna Speller)

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Electronica duo Van Pi, made up of Peter and Ivo, released a music video for “Dreamroof” featuring Anna Speller this year. The dreamy, disorienting video perfectly matches the dreamy pop and domestic bleeps of the track for “Dreamroof.” Anna Speller awakens from a very snuggly bed in the back of a sports utility car in the middle of a vast, beautifully wild terrain. Singing about that place between asleep and awake, where you still remember your dreams, the video flashes through images, all pleasant and intriguing and random, which were possibly the singer’s dreams from the night before. From snowy cabins, to birthday party camp outs, to beach picnics, to rooftop shenanigans, the images whiz by. Fruit rolls everywhere, sexy women lie sleepily in bed, children play with food, bubbles and balloons abound. Anna Speller is constantly dreamy, hazy eyed, and looking extremely relaxed and cuddly. Visit this dreamscape yourself and see if it reminds you of your own “Dreamroof.”

Van Pi means ‘From Peter and Ivo’
“Dreamroof” is made with Anna Speller (vocalist and songwriter)
Music video made by 310k in cooperation with Bill Tanaka © 2014
“Dreamroof” is a first release in Basserk Record‘s ‘Domestic Bleeps’ series