Van Damsel – Best of Everything

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Van Damsel released a new music video to accompany their song, “Best of Everything“. This indie rock outfit from British Columbia has a fresh sound that blends elements of rock, pop, hip hop and electronic music with a bold personal style. They received a fair amount of regional acclaim in Canada in 2013 when they performed with the Peak Performance Project, and then again when they won a $10,000 cash prize as part of radio station The Shore 104’s “Best of BC” competition. Van Damsel got its start in 2010, and believe it or not the group’s roots are actually in the world of death metal. These days their work exudes a more upbeat vibe, using guitar-and-synth driven sounds to convey an optimistic and accessible message. That message is about the human condition: the tension of desire against fear, or the tension of the pursuit of excellence against the flaws of reality. These complex human themes are all explored in this music video for “Best of Everything”, but the overall tone is a positive one. The video itself uses a lot of primary colors and some computer-generated image tricks that come off a bit cheesy at times, but they’re also fun to watch. As a whole I’d call this video a success.

Directed by: Johnny Jansen