I.V – Louder

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The Back To the Future time machine car races through the desert in this music video of I.V‘s song “Louder.” The car skids to a halt in front of an arcade video game named Louder. A young man steps from the car and slips a coin into the machine, which at first glance appears to be out of order. Lucky for him, the guy double checks and is soon embarking on a psychedelic, futuristic racing adventure. He is driving, he is flying – the young man and his car are unstoppable.  
The majority of the video is animated to look like an ‘80’s video game, which the young man is theoretically inside of. Everything is viewed in 3-D colors red and blue, from the car to the galactic fighter jet the driver evades to the herd of deer the time machine out paces. The style of this music video perfectly matches the electro pop sounds the four producers of I.V have created for this debut single.

Performed by I.V
Music Written and Produced by I.V
Mixed by I.V at Skylab Studios
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound
Music Released by Parlophone / Warner Music France
Video Written and directed by Thomas Tyman
Post Production by Mathematic
Video Released by Wanda Productions

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