Urgent: Ricky Manning Must Release an Album Now

In case you are not aware who Ricky Manning is, then you are missing one of the most talented artists on Earth. Ricky was a member of Team Pharrell on Season 7 of The Voice, before he was let go after a grand performance of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.” Fortunately, Gwen Stefani saw what the world should be seeing by stealing Ricky from “Happy” singer, Pharrell. Ricky Manning could only go so far in the competition, but his soaring renditions from The Voice are enough evidence as to why Ricky must release an album now. Without a doubt, his talent must be seen by the world.

Adam Levine noted how great Ricky’s passion and conviction is. It is true, and it shows through the songs he sang during his stint on The Voice. Watching him makes it impossible to believe that he used to sing on the street. He sounds like a real pro. It was almost impossible to top what he did with “Wrecking Ball,” but his version of Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” was really phenomenal. He took it to different levels, and ultimately made it his own. If he really were great on cover songs, it would be really prodigious if he comes up with his own materials. It would be worth checking it out. He may not have won The Voice, but he won countless believers that are surely waiting for his album to come out. Truth be told, it must be soon. Musicians as great as Ricky Manning should unleash the immense artistry they have.

There is a big need for real artists to start doing their thing. Radio is full of music that should not be there, anyway. If pseudo-artists can make it big, then real ones like Ricky Manning can do so too. He gave some unforgettable performances on The Voice. Even his audition song “Love Me Again” is great too. The amount of growth is undeniable, and the world really needs to hear his music soon. Until that time comes, we must satiate ourselves with the excellent performances Ricky did on The Voice, as well as some performances available on YouTube. But it should not end there.