Urgent: Let Juliet Simms’ Music Take Over

Juliet Simms was the former guitarist and vocalist of the band, Automatic Loveletter. She bowled us over when she did the most exceptional performances during the Season 2 of The Voice. Now, she is more than busy promoting her new album, All or Nothing. Simms may no longer be a neophyte in the music industry, as her credentials will ultimately tell us otherwise. However, despite her own marque of success, she definitely needs to conquer a wider audience, if the world is too much to ask for.

Mainstream popular culture would associate the classical rock diva with her stint on The Voice under Coach CeeLo Green. For sure, people still remember how she won fans over by her electrifying performance of classic hits like The Police’s “Roxanne,” Aerosmith’s “Cryin’,” Ednaswap’s “Torn,” Rod Stewart’s “Stay With Me,” and even her own coach’s hit, “Crazy.” However, let us leave all these accomplishments in the past and insightfully discuss why Juliet Simms’ music must already be taking over the whole of contemporary music landscape.

First, no one in this era could deny how tremendously talented Simms is. Her unmistakeable tone matched with extreme accuracy is to die for. Her rasp, meanwhile, is another reason why she kills everything she sings. Did you not love all these traits when she released the supremely underrated 2012 song “Wild Child?” She managed to pull off every aspect of her precious voice to come up with such solid track that clearly defines who she is as an artist.

Now that Simms has already dropped her milestone All or Nothing record without a major label, but purely of fan support, it must already be a challenge for her to prove whatever she is worth. Nonetheless, the amount of talent Simms possesses is enough reason for her to claim a well-deserved throne in the music industry. Not only can she sing the most complex of songs, she can also write her own music. If this talent is not enough, then nothing else matters.

Definitely, the world is enabled with the skill to determine pure talent when they see one. Enough of senseless music, it is high time that we give the limelight to artists with Simms’ caliber. May the living legends also recognize that Simms is worthy of all critical and commercial success out there. It would definitely be earth shattering if Simms does collaborate with either Rihanna or Christina Aguilera. Supreme female empowerment to the core, dare we say.

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