Unwanted Puppy Gets Adopted, Owner Discovers Her Pooch Hides A Special Talent

Every dog is unique in its own special way, but this little pooch would soon amaze her new owner in a shocking way! After not having the best few weeks of life, Penny Loggins – a Miniature Pinscher and Rat Terrier cross, soon became an internet sensation. Leonora, the owner, cannot possibly be happier than she is now with her little pooch Penny.

Here’s why her cute dog is so famous and how they first met…

20. Roaming the Streets


Little Penny was first seen in a park in the US, roaming the alleys. She was a cute little button, and she was taken to a local animal shelter to live safely until someone would adopt her. But she kept waiting

19. A Charming Little Girl


Penny started living in different foster homes until she could find a family. Sadly, nobody wanted to take Penny home. She had a charming personality and it was very weird that she wasn’t adopted. That’s when a woman saw her

18. Falling in Love


When Leonora first saw Penny, it was love at first sight. And who wouldn’t fall in love with this adorable little girl? Penny became Leonora’s new family member and their lives completely changed! The woman can’t believe her eyes!

17. A Beautiful Surprise


Penny kept growing, and in time, Leonora saw that her little pooch was very different than most dogs. One thing was clear: Penny was a very smart girl, eager to show it to the world, of course in exchange for treats… You won’t believe what special talent she was hiding!

16. Weeks Later


A few weeks after Penny got to her forever home, Leonora was shocked to see her dog was unique. The owner believed that her dog was so smart because she spent a lot of time on her own, but this was just incredible! See it for yourself in the following photos…

15. Teach Me Tricks


Leonora soon found out that Penny was eager to learn tricks. That’s when the woman started buying her different puzzle games with geometric shapes. Penny was doing the unbelievable!

14. Sit, Kiss… Write?


Her puppy learned a few basic tricks like sitting or giving kisses. And after a piece of treat, she would happily put the cubes in the right hole. But that’s not all!

13. A Fast Learner


And when Leonora saw that Penny learned very fast, she decided it was time to raise the bar. After teaching her to understand shapes and patterns, Penny learned this…

12. Spelling Bee


One day Leonora bought Penny a game with toy letters. And after a few trials, Penny learned to almost spell her name! The woman was amazed to see how easy it was for Penny to do it and she filmed it all!

11. Famous Dogs of Instagram


If you search for Penny Loggins on Instagram, you’ll see videos and photos of the smart pooch performing a lot of tricks for treats and kisses. And we can definitely agree that she is a loved pooch. What she does next in the video is breathtaking!

10. Almost There


After a few other tries, Penny picks up the letters that spell her name and brings them to her owner on cue. The footage is so adorable and we’re all in awe of this smart little girl! After each correct letter, Penny gets a treat. And that’s not all!

9. Keeping Things Difficult


In the pile of letters, Leonora has also added a few extra letters to make it difficult for Penny, but the pooch goes straight for the letters P E N N Y. Here are a few photos of the pooch, #4 is our favorite!

8. My Adopted Puppy


You can also see this viral video and other videos on Penny’s YouTube channel. In the channel’s description, Leonora wrote ‘Penny Loggins is my adopted puppy that I think is a Miniature Pinscher/Rat Terrier mix. The next photo is hilarious!

7. Super Fun Penny


‘She’s super fun and playful and smart!’ says Leonora in the description. And if you’re checking their videos, you can even see the pooch doing an army crawl! That’s just amazing…

6. The Next Word


Even though Penny doesn’t get the right order of the letters in her name, and still can’t place them right, Leonora is thrilled to see that her dog is very smart. They will start teaching her the next word: DOG.

5. Penny is Just a Puppy


What’s amazing to see it’s that Penny is only 8 months old and she’s learned so fast so many tricks! Not only Leonora keeps her puppy trained and gives her a purpose, but the pooch also has a nice home and gets tons of cuddles and love!

4. Having a Great Time


Even though Penny has no idea what she’s spelling, she can identify the letters and select them on cue. And that’s quite unbelievable. Of course, the key to success has to do with the treats she gets…

3. Training Secrets


It’s so fun watching Leonora and Penny playing together and we hope she’ll reveal her secrets to us. We think that all dog owners could have fun with their own pooches and spend time bonding together.

2. Cuddles and Fun


Penny gets a ton of love from her owner and all of their Instagram followers are in awe of the pair. They regularly post photos and videos and show us how smart Penny is.

1. ‘I Love Dogs’


The Instagram page describes Penny: ‘I love dogs. I hate new people for 10 minutes. Then they’re not new anymore and I love them.’ And we love you too, you smart adorable ball of fluff!