Unspoken: ‘Call It Grace’ Single Review


From Unspoken’s first full length album Call It Grace, comes the single of the same name. A moving ballad about the nature of grace and mercy, Unspoken’s “Call It Grace” is a testament to the band’s capacity to tap into the deepest part of our heart.

Following on from two Top 5 hits and tours with iconic Christian bands Sanctus Real and Big Daddy Weave, the quartet has shown their ability to truly make an impact on the Christian music scene, and they drive home their potential in this single.

Synth and keys open the track, and we hear a soft melody that joins the lyrics in characterizing the nature of grace. Stepping up in the chorus, percussion gives this song the strength to really move you. Without a doubt, the soulful vocals of Chad Mattson are the highlight of this single. The richness of his range and conviction in his delivery mean this goes from being a mere worship track to a radio ready tune that the CCM world will embrace.

Carrying a cliché breakdown and rise as we head towards a crescendo ending, “Call It Grace” doubles as a pop track and a worship song, and because of this you will be struck by the quality within it. This being said, as poignant as the lyrics are, there is a sense that you have heard this song before. The instrumentation, lyrics and especially the vocals are all on point and delivered with ease, but there is nothing that makes this track striking enough to stand head and shoulders above the myriad of other rock/worship bands out there.

A strong single filled with hope and truth, “Call It Grace” emphasizes the heart of a band committed to moving the listener. In the future, I’d love to see them venture out artistically, exploring their lyrics and pushing the envelope on what is expected of them. Without a doubt this band, especially vocally, possesses the ability to deliver stunning and thought provoking hits; and hopefully we’ll hear more of this in the future.