Unmap – The Gold Route

Berlin-based electronic pop group Unmap’s video for “The Gold Route” is just as dark, seductive, and menacing as the song it accompanies. At the video’s start, mysterious strangers shrouded in shadow drag axes and ice picks down the street as the walk. In other scenes, they swing away at the ground with these tools in the dark. These are contrasted with shots of the four-piece’s frontwoman, not fully in the frame, with her face covered almost entirely by colorful jewels. Elemental motifs of fire and earth recur throughout, and no one featured in the video’s face is ever fully revealed. Driving home the song’s chorus of “The gold route, the lead route, the copper stain,” director Stephane Leonard is sure to include plenty of footage of dark, dank passageways and mines. Toward the end, a large copper coin is unearthed and rolls around on the ground; smaller coins are shown being thrown to the ground before the video finally fades to black.

Directed by Stephane Leonard
Concept and Idea by Mariechen Danz and Stephane Leonard
DoP: Nicolas Hudak & Stephane Leonard
Editor: Chester Travis
Producer: Sinnbus
Actors: Unmap

Website: unmapmusic.com
Facebook: facebook.com/unmapband
iTunes – smarturl.it/goldroute_dl