Uffalo Steez – Wassup

The almost dub-step, techno beat of Uffalo Steez’s “Wassup” is in direct contrast with the video, which not only just flows smoothly from scene to scene, but actually appears to almost be played in slow motion, which is totally differing from the almost hiccups in the repeating beats as the singer keeps saying “wassup.” Throughout the entire video, people keep trying to greet each other in different ways – high fives, fist bumps, hugs – but when the pairs of people meet, each person does a different gesture. If one tries to fist bump the other tries to give a high five, and then to try and reconcile, they switch to what the other person was doing. It is literally just a string of failed greetings in slow motion, but it is oddly entertaining to watch the expressions and body language of the people involved in these encounters as they try to save face and recover from doing the “wrong thing.”

Directed by Viktor Horvath
Creative contributor: Aron Filkey
Production manager: Milan Vacz
Support: Abris Gryllus

8ounce Records © 2013