Uber: 15 Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

If you have ever needed a safe way to get from one location to the next without having a car of your own, it’s probably that you’ve used Uber, a modern, cheap taxi service which is growing by the minute. Here are some more interesting facts about the company and its drivers you might have not known.

Number Eight: They’re Worldwide. Uber services extend to over 300 cities and 58 countries around the world. If you’re in a busy, populated area, you can bet that you’ll be able to use this great taxi service to get where you need to be safely.

Number Seven: They Have Four Kinds of Drivers. Not all drivers are the same. There are Pros, Crossovers, New Enthusiasts, and Part-Timers. The Pros are the ones that drive the black luxury cars, and crossover drivers are those who used to work for traditional taxi services. New Enthusiasts is the group of drivers who are new – but skilled – to taxi driving, and the last group Part Timers, are those who have other jobs besides Uber driving.

Number Six: They Want to Help Women. Women often get the bad rap for being bad drivers, which is a harmful stereotype that isn’t even true. By 2020, the company pledges to have one million female drivers alone. Now that’s incredible!

Number Five: If You’re Drunk, You’re Good. Well, it’s not a good thing to be drunk, necessarily. But, if you are, you can guarantee a safe and fast way for you to get home without paying a huge fee. Uber is really cheap and allows people to get around almost anywhere.

Number Four: If you hate FedEx, You Have a Solution. Well, you have a solution if you’re in New York, anyway. New Yorkers have the option of using an UberRUSH service, which allows customers to make rush parcel deliveries. Yay to more options!

Number Three: They’re More Than a Million. As of early fall 2015, there are one million Uber drivers around the world. No wonder most customers barely have to wait at all to get picked up.

Number Two: There’s Qualifications. That, of course, is a good thing to hear. Not everyone should be able to be an Uber driver. In order for a car to qualify to be an Uber car, it must be no more than ten years old, have four doors, and, of course, be clean. The driver also has to have a clean record.

Number One: They Deliver Food. UberFRESH (or UberEATS, if you’re in Barcelona) is a food delivery service that extends from just the regular Uber company to help people get their food faster.