U2 Sets “Sirens” Album Release for September… Maybe

U2 Sets Sirens Album Release for SeptemberPhoto courtesy of billboard.com.

Lately, there’s been a lot of confusion about U2’s upcoming album. The band planned to release it this year in April, then changed its mind for a 2015 release date, and now a tweet from Universal Music Group has teased us with plans for a September 2014 release date. Keep in mind that the tweet originated from the Columbian branch of UMG, meaning that some details may have been lost in translation. However, as far as we know, the news seems to be that Sirens is the title of an upcoming album, rather than the title of a new single. So far, there’s been some speculation over whether ‘Sirens’ is the name of a new single or indeed the title of a new album.

The tweet below roughly translates to: “#notice to @U2 fans. The disc will be titled #Sirens and will be ready in September.”

U2 Sets Sirens Album Release for September

Meanwhile, there is talk that U2 will headline at the iTunes Festival in London’s famous performance venue, The Roundhouse in September. For now, it’s still under speculation that UMG Columbia has mixed up the album title, especially since the tweet has since been deleted. Either way, it’s a positive sign that some music from U2 is coming soon. The album is expected to be a stupendous return for U2, who hasn’t released a full album since 2009 with No Line on the HorizonThe album will be produced by the famous Danger MouseU2’s since released the new single ‘Invincible‘,  performed on the Superbowl commercial, and made an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon late night show. Clearly, the band has no shortage of publicity. But, again, no album yet. It could be this year in September, or it could be pushed back to 2015, but for now, we’ll just have to wait for more tidbits of information and pray Bono doesn’t suffer another bout of writer’s block.