Tyler Carter feat. Nylo: ‘Tears on the Runway, Pt. 1’ Single Review

December 19th, 2014 was an interesting day for the fans of the Atlanta metalcore band, Issues, as the frontman, Tyler Carter, released the official audio for the single, “Tears On The Runway Pt. 1” featuring Nylo. This song will be featured on Tyler Carter’s new EP, Leave Your Love, which is set to drop in early 2015. Anyone who has listened to Issues’ 2014 release of their self-titled album, Issues, or their acoustic album, Diamond Dreams (released late 2014), should be familiar with the second part of  “Tears On The Runway.”

This prequel song talks about the beginning of a relationship and how it came to be. The song starts off with a pop/R&B sound that fades down as the vocals begin. The lyrics go from his point of view to hers. In the first verse, he mainly talks about how she seems afraid for the relationship, singing, “I want to apologize for every man / And I wanna kiss your scars, pretend they never happened.” From this we can see that she has been hurt before, and this guy is wanting to make up for everything that she was put through. The chorus itself is where he really is trying to show this girl that he is ready and willing to go forward in this relationship, and that he will not let her down and be like the other men: “You will escape the tears on the runway / I won’t let you down.” He really wants her to know that he will not let her down and that he will be there for her.

In the second verse and the bridge, the perspective is from her point of view. “You’re a gentleman cause that’s what all the gentlemen say / I bet you talked to me cause you saw my personality / From across the hall yeah / Does it look like I believe that it must’ve been  / My heart of gold you saw / Could’ve spared me all the lines / Could’ve just said ‘hi.’” In the bridge she says that, “It’s been weighing on my mind / Just wanna do this right.” By saying this we see that this time around, she is just wanting the relationship to go smoothly and work out.

Overall, this is a catchy song about how relationships seem to start with all the doubts from the past working into the equation. The music is, for the most part, leveled so that the vocals are focused and the music is in the background. As for the vocals, they have a certain type of sparkle for both Tyler Carter and Nylo. Within the song, the lyrics are minimal, and for what is there, they repeat the same thing using different phrases. Although there are few lyrics, this is a different take on a relationship that we normally do not see in today’s music. The Leave Your Love EP is expected to be released onJanuary 13th, 2015, and the official audio can be found on Tyler Carter’s official YouTube channel.