Ty Dolla $ign: ‘Stand For’ Single Review

Will the real Ty Dolla $ign please stand up? Please stand up? Dolla Sign! Oh yes, he does it again. This time, Ty$ is teaming up with the legend himself, DJ Diplo, and DJ Dahi, for this awesome single, “Stand For.” It’s a real homie anthem, for anyone that will keep it real no matter what the cost. You would think that the highlight of the song is the vocals, but the beat is truly something to behold. “Stand for something, or fall for nothing, the sh** is simple.” Ty is simply letting the world know that, “hey, you’re not alone. I’ll stand up with ya.” Bringing it back to his roots, Dolla Sign is just trying to keep it real with the people.

How well can you really dance? How well can you boogie? This beat will turn anyone into a dancer, hopping out of cars and screaming the lyrics out to the world. You can play this song at the cookout, the beach, the club, the skatepark, even Grandma’s house (just be careful, we don’t want any broken China). Not only that, but it’s nothing like anything we’ve heard from the California singer, taking him out of the “West-Coast Artist” conversation that most fans have grouped him in. We can’t put our finger on it, but this is definitely a radio slap that is going to get major airplay and love from all over the country.

From his upcoming debut album Free TC, Dolla Sign is certainly making a case for himself. With singles such as “Or Nah Remix,” featuring The Weeknd and Taylor Gang Boss Wiz Khalifa, “Irie,” again featuring the Wizzle Man, and “Paranoid,” featuring the very gifted B.o.B., Ty$ has yet to make a great hit single without a feature in a good minute. Writing for such acts as Chris Brown and getting in the studio with Rihanna lately, Ty$ has certainly been keeping busy behind the scenes and racking in some big income.

Coming out of his recent Beach House Tour, Ty$ has been gaining plenty of buzz. Even with hit mixtapes such as Beach House, and Beach House 2, and the widely-famous Beach House EP, we can only hope that he brings the same flair as his longtime-friend YG did with his recently-debuted studio album, My Krazy Life. But with this new single, “Stand For,” the boy Dolla Sign is going to get some serious attention, perfectly mixing a dope alternative instrumental and adding some Best-Coast flair. This single is nothing short of super-duper dope, with two thumbs up, mixed in with a little something we’re still trying to figure out. Keep em’ guessing Ty. Good looking out, as always!