TuneCore’s Streaming Explode in Record Numbers

TuneCore‘s streaming activity increased at a huge rate in 2014. Artists with music on TuneCore experienced an impressive 120-percent increase in their number of streams and downloads. The number rose from 3.4 billion in 2013 to 7.5 billion last year. The 7.5 billion is not based on an artist’s revenue, the number is solely based on the number of song plays and music downloads. In 2014, music streaming activity, not artist royalties, increased by 54.5 percent in the US. An artist’s earning for streams and downloads generated $134 million last year, an eleven percent increase. In the last two years, the growth is up by 31.3 percent. Developing digital markets has helped contribute to the growth of an artist’s earning for streams and downloads.

Last year, artist’s royalties increased 112-percent in South America and 87-percent in Africa. Although artist revenue numbers are not as staggering as the music streams, TuneCore said an artist royalties from streaming has doubled. TuneCore did not release the exact revenue numbers for the artist royalties. The music company did mention that artists in North America and Europe earn a higher percentage of revenue. Besides Japan, North America and Europe represent the largest music markets in the world. TuneCore has just added ten new digital partners, bringing the company’s number of partners to over 150 in over 200 countries. In its South America market, TuneCore’s catalog became available through Claromúsica, and six Central American countries. The company also added Spinlet in Africa, KKBox in Taipei, and Anghami in the Middle East and North Africa. 

Last week, TuneCore launched TuneCore Live in Los Angeles. The event hopes to bring the Los Angeles music community together in order to discover and support live music. The event featured live performances by Olivver the Kid, Hudson, and Nightmare Boy. The TuneCore Live show will also feature DJ sets from Tron Stamos and Konstantsuprises. Nightmare Boy is most-known for working with Lana Del Rey. The musician co-wrote her song “Brooklyn Baby” from her Ultraviolence album. He also sang a duet with Lana Del Rey on the cover of “Summer Wine.” Nightmare Boy is scheduled to release an album later this year. His new album will also feature a duet with Lana Del Rey on a song entitled “Riverside.”