TuneCore, Believe Digital Improve Music Services

TuneCore and Believe Digital have partnered together in an effort to improve the services they provide to consumers. By combining the two digital distribution conglomerates, it will enable the companies to negotiate better deals with music streaming companies such as Tidal and Spotify. “We can negotiate much better conditions combined. This gives us a size that will be a key advantage in [negotiating] with those services,” CEO of Believe Digital Denis Ladegaillerie told Billboard magazine. 

Although TuneCore and Believe Digital have joined forces, the two entities will operate separately. “The idea is to combine forces in a way so that TuneCore remains TuneCore and Believe remains Believe, and we leverage the international presence of both,” Ladegaillerie stated. It has been estimated that TuneCore and Believe will now represent twenty-five to thirty percent of the new music uploaded to iTunes on a daily basis. The companies bring different options to the table, and now they hope their partnership will help compliment one another. TuneCore offers musicians a “do-it-yourself” type of model, while Believe offers its musicians marketing services in radio and project management. 

Last month, TuneCore launched a new app called DropKloud. The app allows musicians to interact with their fans by exclusively dropping new music on the system called Klouds, which is available to users in specific locations. Artists can also invite their fans to pop-up showcases, and post behind-the-scene photos that can be viewed by their fans as well. DropKloud is a part of TuneCore’s new Artist Relations initiative, which was designed to help artists get more exposure when they release a project. TuneCore aims to provide a platform for independent artists in order to expand their opportunities in the music industry. 

The company claims this year is all about getting more artists the opportunity to put their music in front of audiences through innovative methods. TuneCore Live is also a new platform that is a part of their Artist Relations initiative. The live event is a monthly concert series for independent artists. Artists will have the opportunity to build their brand awareness by performing live shows, and they will also have the opportunity to perform in front of executives; mainly executives of record labels and companies looking to sign artists to endorsement deals. 

FDRMX Eyes: James Paterson is a singer-songwriter from the UK. Paterson has released a music video for his song, “Read Between the Lines.”

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