Watch This Spoiler-Free Recap of True Detective Season 2

Don’t be fooled: there aren’t any spoiler alerts here. Perhaps that’s because there’s nothing to spoil. The second season of HBO’s “True Detective” wrapped up last night, and not too many people seem to be upset about it. While season one of the series rose to cult-like levels of popularity, season two was met with dismay and general disappointment. The video below echoes these sentiments, with almost two full minutes of wordless shots of Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughan looking forlornly off into the dark, dreary distance. Perhaps it was the exit of Matthew McConaughey that spurred the downfall of “True Detective,” or perhaps it was the change of plot entirely, but regardless of reason, this season elicited only a half-hearted “hmmmm” from the viewers. Check out the full hilarity of the video below.