Trey Songz: ‘Slow Motion’ Single Review

After selling over 264,000 copies of his Trigga album in 2014, one would expect Trey Songz to be reveling over his victory and enjoying the success. But no! “Mr. Steal Your Girl” jumps right back into studio and gives us another potential hit titled “Slow Motion.”

Ahead of his Between the Sheets Tour with Chris Brown, which kicks off on the 28th of January, Trey Songz decides to give the fans a song to hold onto while he is on a studio break. “Slow Motion” is another one of those “pure Trey Songz” tracks. I repeat, a “pure Trey Songz” track. If you are a Trey Songz fan, you most certainly know what I mean. This one is another baby-maker.

A stringed instrument (perhaps a guitar) melodic phrase plays as the song starts, providing Trey Songz’s brittle voice with the perfect entry into the track. He starts it off with low and calm vocals, which elevate as he goes into the song. The melody continues for about 30 seconds before other instruments are added onto it. This is a different approach for Trey Songz. But the excitement of anticipating how the other instruments will blend into the melody are not disappointing as they make a perfect intermix. All these instruments are placed on a laid back R&B/Soul beat, and the whole composition breeds a splendid Trey Songz track.

As a Trey Songz track should be, his lyrics have the work cut out for you. Your mental imagery won’t have to do much; you’ll have a clear picture of what’s going on from what the lyrics say. The most noteworthy lines for me would be “Baby, I just wanna get you out of them clothes / I just wanna see you dance in / Slow motion / We can take, we can take, we can take our time.” Can any verbal description of baby-making in slow motion get any clear? I think not. The lyrics are used for the right instrumental and the outcome is a high quality R&B song.

Trey Songz does not at all disappoint on “Slow Motion.” The pressure of topping the magnificent songs from his last album must be head-cracking. I personally think Trigga is one of his best albums yet. But he shows us that “Slow Motion” is in line with the touchstone he has set for what fans should expect from him. When “Slow Motion” is playing, it is the real R&B you are listening to. It is Trey Songz delivering the most proficient sermon about baby-making in slow motion. The only regret you will have when you get this song will be the obvious fact that unless it’s on video, you can never really “have it” in slow motion.