Trey Songz: ‘Earned It (Remix)’ Single Review

Fifty Shades of Grey was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated movies of 2015. When the movie was finally released, audiences all over the world were overwhelmed and they flocked cinemas that showed it to watch it. Although, it was banned in some countries, this did not stop it from having massive impact when it came to the soundtracks from the movie. The most outstanding song was “Earned it” by The Weeknd. Now, this song has an enormously great remix by one of our generation’s greatest sex symbols, Trey Songz.

I prefer to call this one, “Fifty Shades of Trey,” I think it has a creatively nice ring to it. Trey Songz has some of my best remixes to other artist’s songs, he has a lot of them and you can’t help loving them. He takes the songs, owns them and gives you a totally different sound. This is precisely what happened with “Earned it (remix).”

First of all, if you are going to cover or redo or remix a song by The Weeknd, you must be one brave singer. You must have unmovable faith in your voice and its ability to pull off such a recreation. Anything short of as good as his or better will have you judged in the most embarrassing ways ever. The Weeknd has one of the most unique and impossible to beat vocals in the industry. But this is not a challenge to Trey, he steps up to it and he takes the challenge and he conquers.

Every bit of this song is as captivating as the original. Some will even be inclined to say that it’s even better. Personally I think they are both incredible and picking a favorite is impossible. Trey Songz brings the exceptional factors about his vocals and he lets them take the lead on this one. Where the pitch must be high, it is perfectly elevated, when it must be calm, he contains it and everything is beautiful. There is a playful and teasing element whenever Trey sings about making love and sex and you will feel it on “Earned it (remix).

Trey Songz sure knows how to get his ladies worked up. He knows how to find a way to their hearts and to their “other places.” “Earned it (remix)” I can predict has found and is still finding its way to a massive number of bedroom playlists. Trey Songz has that effect.

The original itself had that impact, but listening to it from a Trey Songz’s perspective gives it a whole other level of appeal. We have to hand it to The Weeknd, he made an incredible song. He is a musical and vocal genius. And with the remix, Trey just affiliated himself with that greatness. This is an awesome remix to an awesome song.