The 5 Most Unique Guinness Women World Records

If we all looked the same, the world would be a very boring place. Our uniqueness is our beauty. These women on the list have gained notoriety for their distinctive looks, and all of them are (or were) Guinness World record holders.

Number One: Annie Hawkins Turner. Turner boastfully has the largest natural breasts in the world, according to Guinness World Records. Her bust size is an enormous 102ZZZ, and her breasts weigh about 56 lbs each. Turner’s breasts are both a gift and a curse. On one hand, carrying the extra 112 lbs has caused Turner back issues, but her breasts have helped earn Brown a modeling career. In the modeling world, Turner is known as “Norma Stitz.”

Number Two: Aneta Florczyk. Florczyk has been named the World’s Strongest Woman four times, which is the most wins by any woman in history (according to Guinness World Records). She is the first Polish woman to lift more than 500 kg (over 1,000 lbs). She was able to lift 12 men over her head with two minutes, which was another world record.

Number Three: Charity Pierce. Pierce was once the heaviest woman in the world. She weighed 778 lbs, which was extremely unhealthy and put her life at risk. She appeared on TLC’s television series My 600- Lb Life earlier this year, where she planned on shedding away her weight. Pierce was able to lose an impressive 282 lbs, and now she weighs a little more than 480 lbs.

Number Four: Jyoti Amge. Amge is known as the smallest living woman in the world. The 21-year old in just 2 feet 1 inch (2’1) tall. Her height has gained her a lot of popularity, which now includes an acting career. Not only did she star in the documentary Body Shock: Two Foot Tall Teen, but she has appeared in television shows as well. Last year, she made a guest appearance on American Horror Story: Freak Show on the FX network.

Number Five: Elisany Silva. According to Guinness World Records, Silva is the tallest woman in the world. The 18-year old is 6 feet 8 inches (6’8) tall. The tall teen is married to a man who is 5 feet 4 inches tall (5’4). Silva suffered from gigantism from a tumor on her pituitary gland, but the tumor has since been removed. Removing the tumor helped Silva from continuing to grow.