Treasure Davis feat. Kid Ink: ‘Simple’ Single Review

Who is Treasure Davis? Not much is known about Treasure Davis, the multi-talented singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. This is probably because she has spent most of her career in the background. She has been a background singer for Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole and several others. This does not really give one enough media attention, but it helps build a steady platform for when the time comes to branch out. And Treasure Davis’ time is now as she is here with a new single – a duet with Kid Ink titled “Simple.” “Simple” is likely a single off her debut album, in which details are yet to be announced.

“Simple” is a song about what women put up with in their relationships, especially with an unfaithful man. We hear Treasure Davis asking him how he is going to get out of this one. He has probably been caught cheating before, and this time she wonders what excuse he might come up with. She goes on to mention that she hates that she’s mad at him but can’t stay mad at him. When he takes off her clothes, she suddenly forgets all about it, and she even makes him breakfast the next morning.

This leads to the chorus where she sings, “why the f*** am I so goddamn simple / When everything you do makes me resentful / I say am gone for good, boy that depends though / cause I always end up wanting to kiss you.” Treasure Davis speaks for a lot of women on this song. This is not a fictional concept in “Simple.” These are real things happening to real people. Women have cheating men who do it repeatedly, but women are so kind and forgiving that they always let them off. It is also true that they hate it that they are so goddamn simple.

And men as cunning and charming as Kid Ink also don’t help the situation. In his verse, he tells her “with your badass lookin’, bumass cookin’ / why would I ever want to leave that p**** / don’t be pushy, I ain’t no rookie.” He is smartly buying his way out of this one. He compliments her to soften the ground before he lays his tools down for negotiation. And don’t we all know how women melt at the right compliments? This seems to work for Kid Ink because the chorus comes in immediately after his verse, which is impeccable timing, making it sound like his way out got him out.

The hook/pre-chorus is shared by the two artists. Treasure Davis is asking the questions and Kid Ink is answering. But he is not really answering. A guilty man tends to be tongue-tied. Kid Ink doesn’t say much because the guilt doesn’t let him. This is the most fascinating part of the song – the dialogue exchanged between the estranged woman and the guilty man is very captivating. And how real they make it sound is something amazing that you can’t miss. It is right there in your face, and the dialogue flows just like you’ve done it before or heard it’s done.

“Simple” brings R&B/pop and rap together on a duet that sounds unbelievably awesome. The song was perfectly composed to comfortably accommodate the two artists’ different styles. It is incredible how Treasure Davis and Kid Ink work as a unit to give the world such an exceptionally artistic song. Kid Ink on “Simple” puts up a very impressive performance, and this is the first memorable time I am hearing him outside his comfort zone. Together with Treasure Davis’ vocal strength, they have delivered a unique duet that is guaranteed to earn Treasure Davis the place she so deserves in the fans’ hearts and a place on their playlists.