Toy Cities – Nostalgia Kills

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Shot in stark black-and-white, Toy Cities’ music video for “Nostalgia Kills” shows an execution lineup of three men, blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs, standing with their backs to a grassy field. One man stands stoically, the man in the middle is sobbing, and the third seems to be either offering him some comfort or telling him to man-up. Standing at attention opposite the condemned are three uniformed men, holding water balloons behind their forest-facing backs. They are all the same three men. The stoic man is hit full in the face with a water balloon and he falls to the ground, flat on his back. The distraught man is hit in the gut and he tumbles down too. The third man, however, unties his own hands, and makes a break for it, ripping the blindfold off his eyes as he heads into the field. His matching executioner follows him, water balloon in hand. In the field, the escapee trips and falls, his executioner catches up to him, but instead of belting him with the balloon, he pops it in his own hand, as if he were taking a grenade for the other version of himself. The prisoner survives and runs free.

Directed by Nikolai Vanyo