Tove Lo – Talking Body

Tove Lo‘s music video for the song, “Talking Body” is a seethingly sexy showcase of the young Swedish pop vixen’s many talents, not least of which are those legs, which seem go for miles! Like many of her peers in Icona Pop genre, including Lykke Li and First Aid Kit, 26 year-old Tove Nilsson has a fondness for sucker punches and a habit of expressing her more feminine emotions. “Talking Body”, which appears on the album Queen of the Clouds, is a smart dialogue about an exiting relationship, heartbreak and bad behavior. The album as a whole chronicles the arc of the relationship in its entirety, but “Talking Body” plunges right into the meat of it. Tove sings, “If you love me ri-i-ight / We fuck for li-i-ife” as she stomps around in those killer high heels. Here is a pop star who really knows how to write lyrics, and how sling them at all the right angles. She almost reminds us of a young Kate Bush in this track, especially when she ramps her voice up an octave during the chorus. We look forward to watching this young pop star mature into her 30’s, where perhaps her voice will take on more depth, as has been the case with many of her most successful predecessors. We hope you enjoy the video, Tove Lo – Talking Body.