Tour Bus Driver Files Lawsuit Against Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is facing a lawsuit filed by his former bus driver, Mark Jones. Jones was hired to drive during the rapper’s summer 2014 tour, Tha Carter V. He is suing Lil Wayne for emotional distress, false imprisonment, and assault.

He stated that en route to Buffalo, the first stop on the tour, he stopped to get gas, and Wayne became extremely agitated and highly aggressive. According to Jones, he demanded to be taken to the hotel immediately. Jones returned to the car without putting fuel in the bus, but this did not seem to appease the rapper. He allegedly began to verbally harass the driver, and threatened to beat him with a pistol and have his posse beat the driver as well.

In the midst of the conflict, Jones reached a toll booth and pulled over because he became afraid for his safety. He stated that Wayne got off of the bus and attempted to goad Jones into fighting him. Jones said that he refused to engage in a physical altercation with Wayne, and shortly after, the rapper returned to the bus and continued to harass him. This time, things became far more dangerous. He claims that Wayne told the rest of the people on the bus to go to the back and he pulled out a gun, cocked it, and aimed it at his head.

Jones stated that the rest of the drive was silent, but he stated in the suit that there were texts sent by the passengers to outsiders about the traumatic ride. One of the texts was said to have been sent to Wayne’s manager, Cortez Bryant, who was waiting for the group outside of the hotel when they arrived. Traumatized from his short experience with the rapper, Jones quit the job afterwards.

This is not the first scuffle with the law for Lil Wayne. In 2007, he was arrested after being caught smoking marijuana in New York outside of a concert venue. After being taken into custody, it was also discovered that he was carrying a pistol. He was arrested once again in 2008 for possession of drugs and was detained at a border control checkpoint in Texas after marijuana was discovered on his tour bus.

Whether or not this incident will be added to his troubled history is yet to be seen. Jones’ lawyer has not made any public statements other than stating that they will reveal the details of the event in the courtroom and not in the press.

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