Tora – Eat the Sun

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Eat the Sun” by Tora takes you on a mysterious space-like journey. Two kids run in slow motion chasing after orbs. Mesmerized by the colors and brightness that the orbs are emitting, they stumble upon a lady covered in white body paint and wearing with a crown of flowers on her head. As she dances out of the water, she carefully hands the young one a red balloon. As the balls of light continue to float gracefully around them, something unexpected happens. You’ll just have to finish watching as you listen to this relaxing and feel-good track. Based in Byron Bay, Australia, the band is comprised of five talented musicians, Tobias, Jo, Jai, Thorne, and Shaun. Coming together in late 2012, the five-piece music collective have been creating dream-like music that will have you sitting on your couch with your feet up as you momentarily forget your troubles. This track is packed with echo-y and soulful vocals, synths, piano chords, and rhythmic beats. So, take off your shoes, grab yourself a drink, and crank this music video up.

Produced by Charlene Bartak and Vo.