Top 5 Video Games for Generation Z

Over the last few years, Generation Z has experienced the release of many video games that are absolutely phenomenal. So many simply amazing games, with passion and good stories behind them, along with extraordinary plot development, have sealed the deal for us. However, there are also games that have been released for pure enjoyment and fun adventures of the mind. With that in mind, here are the top five video games of our generation.

Number Five: Metal Gear Solid Three. The Metal Gear series became popular once Metal Gear Solid came out on the Playstation One. The third game of the series came out and was instantly one of the most popular, especially with the characters Naked Snake and The Boss. Snake was sent out on a mission to find the American traitor, The Boss. She was the teacher/mentor of Snake. He was put through many tough challenges that he moved through with his mission; he also learned more about The Boss over time by getting more information about what she was doing with the communist antagonists in the 1960s. Hideo Kojima and his team of developers made this out to be an amazing experience for all players of the Metal Gear series.

Number Four: Mafia II. This game is one that hit the shelves with an amazing story with phenomenal characters. This title had it all from the 1940s: the wars going on, the mafia in the large cities, and of course the music of the times. This game came on strong with the main character, Vito, who was an Italian gangster who moved to New York at a young age and then got drafted into the military due to his criminal acts. Once injured in the war, he was sent back home to see his family again. He ended up later getting into the mafia trying to make money for his family that his father had lost and was killed for. You find out many things about Vito and the people around him as the story goes on, and you get an amazing plot twist.

Number Three: Beyond Two Souls. Beyond Two Souls was bound to be an enjoyable experience, seeing as how the developers of Heavy Rain helped create this title. This game begins with a very confusing story; however, by the very end of the game it wraps everything up, and it all makes sense to the players. This game takes the player on a joy ride with its odd plot and strange characters. The player has full control over what happens during the story. It makes this title oddly enjoyable and almost as good as Heavy Rain.

Number Two: Shadow of the Colossus. Despite the fact that this game doesn’t have much of a plot, it goes without saying that this game is a masterpiece. With its long stretches of land and adventure, this game is simple but tremendously enjoyable. Shadow of the Colossus has garnered a lot of hate from many critics; later, as time progressed, players began to realize that this game had a lot of character to it, and it became a big hit to players worldwide.

Number One: Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts is one of the most popular franchises to ever come to console. It was originally for the playstation consoles, but since its release has been released for other consoles. The story behind Kingdom Hearts captures the players in an immersive world – one like no other. The characters Riku and Sora are looking for answers and looking out for each other while making sure Kairi is OK, no matter what the cost. Sora goes to many worlds to fight enemies known as The Heartless and The Nobodies. There are also many new concepts that pop up in the new games, such as certain characters’ consistent looks and the introduction of the keyblade. Hopefully, the concepts will be further fleshed out in the games to come.