Top 5 Psychics Who Solved Incredible Crimes

Normally crimes are analyzed and solved by trained investigative professionals, although when all else fails, they might ask for a little help from their local psychics. Not everyone is likely to believe in such powers, but the crimes solved by these five talented psychics certainly make you wonder! Despite your personal feelings about psychic abilities, these following five proclaimed psychics really did solve these mind-boggling cases despite all odds- and that’s a fact!

Number Five: Noreen Reiner. In 1984, a woman by the name of Jessica Herbert approached Miss Noreen Reiner, desperate to try anything to find out what had happened to her brother after his plane crashed. Police searched for the site of the crash, and any survivors, but had found no trace of the event. Desperately seeking answers, she requested the aid of local part-time psychic, Reiner. Reiner was worried that she would not be able to help Herbert but gave it her best shot. After investigating, she claimed that she was able to picture the site of the crash, but revealed that there were no survivors. She also was able to determine the coordinates of where the crash site was located. Police investigated this claim and found the site just as she had described it.

Number Four: Etta Smith. Etta Smith never considered herself to be a psychic, but happened into a brush with fate by accident. After hearing about the case of a missing woman who had never returned home from work, Smith began experiencing a consistent and haunting image of a white cloak beneath a bush. So moved by the pressure of the image in her mind, she allowed the “vision” to almost magically lead her to the bush in the image. There, she found the body of the missing woman, wearing a white cloak. She notified the police, who placed her in jail for four days as she was not able to explain how she had come to find the location of the body.

Number Three: Rosemary Kerr. Kerr, a renowned psychic in her area, was offered a job by the family of Andre Daigle, who had not returned home after driving home a woman from a local bar. She viewed a photograph of his truck to see if she could see anything, and claimed that she experienced “head trauma” as she viewed it. From this image, she determined that Daigle was murdered by two men, described their appearances, and gave the location of where his body could be found. As Daigle’s brother went to search the location, his attention was caught by two men in his brother’s truck, who looked just as Kerr had described them. He called the police, and the two men later confessed to killing the man by beating in his head with hammers.

Number Two: Gerard Croiset. Gerard Croiset was a psychic from the Netherlands, renowned all across the globe for his abilities. In 1961, the abduction of a four-year-old girl left police baffled, and public opinion was growing out of control. Desperate for answers, the police requested the help of Croiset in their case. Insisting on investigating from home, Croiset requested a photo of the girl and a map of where she had lived. Croiset claimed to be struck with flashes of an image of a dark woman peering into a window, surrounded by a gray building with five floors, a laundromat, and a dry-cleaning facility; he also told the police that she could not be saved. Police found the buildings and the body of the girl. The murderer was not to be found but was discovered a few days after.

Number One: Dorothy Allison. After their daughter went missing in an event unexplained by police, one family sought the psychic aid of Dorothy Allison. The family was skeptical of these abilities but felt reassured when Allison said that she was haunted by a vision of the numbers “2561” upon seeing a photo of the girl- it was her birthday. Allison described the scene of her daughter’s corpse as a swampy marsh, but that she hadn’t drowned. The girl’s father searched the nearby areas, but could not find the body. Weeks later, a group of teenagers happened across the body when they found it inside of an oil drum in the water. Allison revealed that the girl was strangled by her boyfriend, who confessed when he was approached. We hope you enjoyed our list of the top five psychics helping to fight crime!