Top Ten Kelly Clarkson Music Videos

Number One: “Since You Been Gone” from Breakaway. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; do not cheat on Kelly Clarkson. In her original Max Martin produced break up anthem “Since You Been Gone” Kelly gets some serious revenge on her first shitty lover of many by trashing his apartment. This must have been a particularly bad lover boy because Clarkson does not hold back as she makes her way through his place. She squirts a full bottle of toothpaste all over his bathroom (that’ll show him), cuts his current fling’s lacy undergarments and has a slightly serious slasher moment as she takes a knife to his bedroom pillows. As the apartment trashing is going on, Clarkson can be seen “moving on” and performing with her band without a care in the world. Even better, Clarkson is the epitome of a super sleuth, as she manages to sneak out of her ex’s apartment right as he is returning. If you ever need advice on how to get back at a lover, this may be where you want to go for inspiration (just saying).

Number Two: “Because of You” from Breakaway. Kelly Clarkson got incredibly personal in the visual for “Because of You,” in which the singer remembers her childhood while engaging in a fight with a lover. As Clarkson and her lover reach the peak of their fury, Kelly flashes back to her own parent’s fights, putting herself in her childhood shoes. As her parents’ relationship disintegrates in a series of battles and thrown plates, Clarkson stands beside her childhood self and offers the support that she was unable to receive in her youth. My heart breaks to this day as I watch the younger Kelly follow her father outside with a suitcase before he leaves her and the rest of her family behind. After snapping back into reality, Clarkson and her lover realize their errors and provide comfort to their own daughter. As I write this, my keyboard is soaked from my tears (it’s that touching to see).

Number Three: “Behind These Hazel Eyes” from Breakaway. Kelly plays the role of a runaway bride perfectly after telling off a cheating lover (at the altar nonetheless, hello badass Clarkson) in “Behind These Hazel Eyes.” After making her grand exit in a voluminous wedding dress, Clarkson explores a moody forest as a rainstorm hits and her lover marries another woman. After falling in the mud (and undoubtedly racking up quite the dry cleaning bill), Clarkson comes face to face with another version of herself who lifts her spirits by reminding her of her inner strength. It’s a powerful visual that shows Clarkson coming out on top. Also, huge bonus points for calling out the other woman as she makes her way out of the chapel.

Number Four: “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” from Stronger. Kelly recruited her fans for the visual for her rebellious single “Stronger,” asking them to send in footage of their best dance moves to the cut. Once she received the footage, she compiled it and cut it with scenes of her breaking it down with her band. The Original Idol breaks it down herself, executing some of her first ever music video choreography as the visual comes to a close. Is Clarkson the best dancer ever? Suffice it to say she may not be the next Maddie Ziegler, but she seems to have a great time breaking it down with her fans and reminding them that they are stronger than ever before. It’s uplifting, quirky, and the perfect tribute to Clarkson and her fans.

Number Five: “Miss Independent” from Thankful. The original idol hits the party scene in one of her first ever music videos. In the visual Kelly wakes up alone in the aftermath of a crazy party. As things progress Kell-Bell recollects the night before, exploring the ruins from the evening of karaoke and poolside shenanigans. Clarkson looks on with longing as a series of couples get up close and personal before finding a lover of her own, one who allows her to be independent but still provides a little some support.

Number Six: “Heartbeat Song” from Piece by Piece. Clarkson plays the role of a gorgeous matchmaker and champion of love in her newest visual for current single “Heartbeat Song.” The colorful music video highlights several failing relationships complete with arguments, passive aggressive text messages, and clothes thrown onto the lawn (and you thought you were having a bad day). Luckily enough for our crew of forlorn lovers, Cupid Clarkson has got their backs, and she watches from above as they find someone new to fill the gaping voids in their lives and make them whole again. Kelly looks gorgeous as she dances around an empty room in billowing chiffon, and the visual is the epitome of bright and uplifting. Talk about a true lover’s anthem.

Number Seven: “Already Gone” from All I Ever Wanted. Sometimes there is beauty in simplicity, and that is exactly what Kelly proves in her “Already Gone” visual. In the video, the powerhouse musician looks stunning while wondering a gorgeous apartment and ruminating on her failed relationship. This time, around Kelly chose to be supported by an invisible band, that play behind her as she sings the gorgeous Ryan Tedder produced ballad.

Number Eight: “Breakaway” from Breakaway. Clarkson details her sudden rise to fame from a troubled childhood in the visual for “Breakaway,” which again utilizes a childlike persona in contrast with her modern day self. As the younger Kelly rides in a car with her arguing siblings, adult Kelly attends a premiere of Princess Diaries, having reached the peak or stardom. Chunky highlights none withstanding, there is a sense of accomplishment to watching the superstar achieve freedom and success after dreaming of it in her childhood.

Number 9: “Never Again” from My December. One important lesson that you should learn from Kelly Clarkson’s videography is that her ex-lovers never come out on top. Clarkson extracts revenge on yet another scummy lover boy in her furious “Never Again.” In the visual, Clarkson haunts her lover boy as he heads to the airport to travel to his next illicit affair. Clarkson truly ruins his day and his cheating relationship. Oh and she floods his bathroom too, that’ll show that cheating bastard.

Number 10: “Tie It Up”. After her fair share of bad lovers (all of the other videos on this list should prove as evidence that there were a few of them), Clarkson finally detailed the process of finding her special someone on her country-infused “Tie It Up.” In the supporting visual, Clarkson celebrated some lovers by sharing wedding pictures and getting her band together to perform at a wedding or two. There is something so triumphant in seeing Kelly Clarkson performing at the weddings. Even though she’s kissed her fair share of frogs, she has maintained an open and loving persona. “Tie It Up” just proves it!