Top 9 Themed Tattoo Ideas (Part 3)

Number Nine: Lisa Frank. An iconic symbol for girls growing up in the 90s, Lisa Frank is a repository of unforgettably colorful images. Trick your peers into thinking you are actually a 90s notebook with this sleeve.

Number Eight: Skateboarding. You’re not a real skateboarder until you have an entire tattoo sleeve devoted to the art. That’s a saying, right?

Number Seven: 80s Music. Like a virgin….oh! Tattooed for the very first time! This is super fun and won’t have anyone rolling their eyes at just another tribal tattoo.

Number Six: Musical Instruments. Make sure everyone knows just how talented a musician you are with an entire tattoo sleeve devoted to your craft. Just be sure not to choose an instrument that won’t fit on your arm.

Number Five: Piano Keys. Speaking of instruments that won’t fit on your arm, I know we just said not to go for that, but this is actually looking pretty good. Too bad those keys don’t make any noise.

Number Four: Pirates. Argh, matey! Channel your inner Jack Sparrow with a sleeve devoted to pirates. Don’t forget the rum!

Number Three: Random Text and Diagrams. This may look like a hodge-podge of randomness, but when you stand back, it’s truly beautiful to admire. You’ll keep people staring with a sleeve like this.

Number Two: Star Wars. Just in time for The Force Awakens – what better way to show your love of Star Wars than with some ink? Add some color to really make it pop.

Number One: Watercolor. Picking up in popularity over the past decade, watercolor tattoos are a gorgeous and artistically creative way to ink up your body. You could go minimalistic or full-blast with the watercolor concept.