Top 9 Themed Tattoo Ideas (Part 2)

Number Nine: Geometrical Shapes. There might not be much purpose behind this one, but it is certainly really nice to look at. This would be a great tattoo idea for someone who’s interested in architecture.

Number Eight: The Terminator. Where’s Arnold when you need him? This freaky sleeve will have people second guessing just what’s under your skin.

Number Seven: Next-Level Tribal. Sure, you doodled this in middle school, but look at how beautiful it is! Forget the cliche – tribal sleeves can be awesome.

Number Six: Grayscale. This serene sleeve stands out from the rest because it’s in grayscale. Turn yourself into a black and white movie with one of these tattoos.

Number Five: Cute Animals. Nobody can deny the appeal of a cute animal. Go just one step further and tattoo them onto your sleeve!

Number Four: Colorful Nature. Nature is beautiful, so why not have it permanently placed on your arm?  For an added kick of originality, try using extra bold colors.

Number Three: Sharks. Calling all Jaws fans! This underwater-themed sleeve might have you running for the sand.

Number Two: Dragons. Using your arm and the side of your body as an impromptu dragon’s mouth is not only a great party trick, but it’s incredibly original. Show off both your creativity and your fun side with a sleeve like this.

Number One: Batman. Perhaps not as subtle as Bruce Wayne, this sleeve shows true devotion. A note to anyone who attempts this theme: don’t forget your cape!