Top 8 Weirdest Drugs You Never Knew Existed

Drugs are a sad reality of society. Millions of people consume them on a daily basis, some in the pretext of medicinal reasons while others use them for recreation. The former are made under medical supervision and also prescribed under the same, but the latter originate from the criminal underworld. Drugs can change the body’s physical and mental processes, and some really strange effects can be produced. In this article, we will list eight strangest drugs that you probably never heard about.

Number Eight: Scopolamine

Once exploited by Colombian criminal gangs, this drug can lead to amnesia and suggestibility. You can get the other person to do whatever you want after you give him this drug. They won’t even remember doing that once they break out of its spell.

Number Seven: DIPT Drugs

Unlike other hallucinogenic drugs that lead to psychological effects on one’s mind, DIPT leads to the creation of loud and high pitched noises that can drive any person crazy. Why would anyone want to take it?!

Number Six: Bromo Dragonfly Drugs

One of the most powerful hallucinogens known to man, this drug’s effects can last for up to three days. One who takes this drug will have terrible nightmares and they will also vomit blood.

Number Five: DMHP

This drug acts more like marijuana. But only 0.0002 grams of this bad boy will make a human completely useless and give the worst case of munchies. It won’t kill the human but will leave him giggling like there’s no tomorrow.

Number Four:  Yage

Yage is made with a blend of herbs like ayahuasca and chacruna, creating one of nature’s most powerful hallucinogens. The user can go completely crazy and other side effects include vomiting blood and diarrhoea.

Number Three: Krokodil

This drug used to be used as a painkiller since it was created in 1932, but it was soon banned due to its dangerous consequences. As its name suggests, its side effects include drying out the user’s skin and giving it the appearance of a crocodile.

Number Two: Jenkem

Jenkem is a hallucinogenic drug made from human feces after being fermented. One just has to smell it to create its effects. Charming.

Number One: Etorphine

Etorphine has the same effect on the human body and mind that heroin does, only that its intensity is 5000 times greater. The only use of this drug is to sedate large animals like elephants, and you only need 0.001 grams to bring down a 300 kg animal. The drug has never been abused by humans because of its obvious potency. Even if a milligram of it touches your skin, you will be down in a few seconds.