This Mysterious Prison Escape Has Baffled Authorities For 50 Years…

When you hear the term “world leaders,” you probably think of a group of older, stern men in suits and sitting at desks or in a conference room. But hey – even world leaders have to let loose sometimes! These eight pictures of world leaders having fun are hilarious and eye-opening. Check them out below!

Numbers Eight and Seven: Barack Obama Shooting Skeet and Hitting Waves – Literally. This photo of Obama skeet shooting at Camp David was released by the White House. The photo was a response to criticism that Obama had exaggerated his use of firearms.

Yes, another Obama photo, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. Even Obama isn’t impervious to an aptly timed awkward beach photo.

Number Six: Vladimir Putin With a Horse, Shirtless. This photo is part of a now notorious photoshoot of Putin on a horse. The photos were taken in Siberia and have since become an ongoing meme.

Number Five: Bill Clinton Rafting. Here we see ex-president Bill Clinton rafting and generally having a great time. We can only speculate as to what he’s so happy about.

Number Four: Donald Trump Golfing in Puerto Rico. Donald Trump is pictured golfing on his own golf course in Puerto Rico. Not so suave mid-swing, huh, Mr. Trump?

Number Three: David Cameron in a Fish Market. David Cameron is notorious for his passion for vacations, and here we see even more proof. He and his wife Samantha Cameron are pictured here in casual wear in a fish market, perhaps deciding what to have for dinner.

Number Two: Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Having Milkshakes. Well, here’s one for the books. What do you suppose these two mega-billionaires are laughing about?

Number One: Kim Jong-un in a Lube Factory. Finally, perhaps the most hilarious photo on this list is this one of Kim Jong-un clearly having an amazing time in a lube factory. The specific factory he went to is called the Chonji Lubricant Factory and is located in North Korea.