Top 8 Health Problems You Can Cure With Food

Our bodies don’t always function in tip top condition, but is it possible that we can fix our daily health problems just by eating certain foods? It’s very possible, and the secret to doing this is knowing which nutrients our bodies are in need of, and what foods are necessary to retain those nutrients. Below is a list of eight health problems that can be fixed just by eating a specific food. The real secret to getting your body to its peak condition is by feeding it right.

Number Eight: Poor Mental Health – Cured By Fish. The problem: mental health. Rainy days come and go, but your next rainy day can be avoided with a healthy dose of fish – especially salmon. Fish such as tuna and salmon are exceptionally high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are not only great for heart health but mental health as well. These Omega-3 fatty acids work to improve your overall energy and concentration, which will put you in a better mood. To increase this effect, also cut out sugary and fried foods. These will slow your brain activity, leaving you more at risk to fall into depression.

Number Seven: Low Sex Drive – Cured by Cacao. The problem: sexual motivation. If it has been a while since you’ve been “up to it” in the bedroom, you may need some chocolate to boost your libido. While it may seem like an excuse to indulge yourself, cacao has an impressive effect on sex drive. Not only is it rich in antioxidants, but it is also abundant with a chemical called phenylethylamine which stimulates your senses and promotes a mood of excitement and well-being. However, take note that a regular chocolate bar will not do the trick. Try to stick to more pure sources of cacao, such as unprocessed cocoa powder or organic dark chocolate.

Number Six: Fatigue – Cured by Whole Grains. The problem: fatigue. We are all familiar with that dreadful “ugh” feeling often brought on by fatigue. To ease and prevent this awful side effect, it is important to implement complex carbohydrates such as whole grains into your diet. This includes whole grain breads, pasta, and oats. These carbohydrates are full of fiber that will provide an immediate source of energy to beat that bloated feeling. Cutting out simple carbohydrates, such as sugary or fried foods, will also make a significant impact in fighting fatigue, as these foods usually cause the onset of this awful feeling. Eating complex carbs will also raise serotonin levels, which is a chemical in your brain that promotes an overall sense of happiness.

Number Five: General Pain – Cured by Ginger. The problem: general pain. Everyone experiences pain at some point, and it is, by nature, unpleasant. While ginger may not completely relieve you of your pain, it can ease it significantly. Ginger contains a chemical called gingerols, which are primarily known for preventing the production of pain-triggering hormones. A teaspoon or two a day will work wonders for joint stiffness and swelling, as well as nausea and vertigo.

Number Four: Poor Oral Health – Cured by Green Tea. The problem: oral health. Green tea is renowned for its many healing capabilities. Not only is it full of antioxidants that are great for bodily functions, but it also possesses many attributes that make it extremely beneficial for your teeth. Green tea contains catechins, which are great for killing bacteria that form plaque, as well as fighting gum disease and cavities. This easy beverage is also great for killing the bacteria that create bad breath. Just a warm (or cold), relaxing cup every day can greatly improve your oral health.

Number Three: Bad Skin – Cured by Eggs. The problem: skin care. If your skin tends to be less than baby bottom-smooth, a few simple changes in your diet can make a significant impact of the quality of your skin. Skin problems are often the result of insufficient intake of vitamin A, a nutrient that eggs are a fantastic source of. Vitamin A aids skin in the process of repairing itself. By incorporating more eggs in your diet, you will be supplying your body with Vitamin A. This will make a large difference in your battle with acne, wrinkles, and many other skin conditions.

Number Two: Anger – Cured by Almonds. The problem: anger. If you find yourself constantly angry or frustrated, your tensions may be relieved by a simple change in your diet. Excess anger can be caused by a lack of Vitamin B in the diet. If the body is not fueled with enough B vitamins, it can lead to not only rage and violence, but also paranoia, dread, and anxiety as well. To balance out these emotions, try supplementing your diet with a handful of almonds every day. Not crazy about nuts? Try almond milk instead; it’s creamy and delicious with all the nutritious perks. The B vitamins present in almonds will regulate your cardiovascular system, creating a calm and balanced environment within your body.

Number One: Fading Memory – Cured by Berries. The problem: memory. As we age, our memories seem to drift farther and farther away from us. However, eating berries can greatly improve the functions of your memory. Among all foods, berries are of the richest in flavonols and anthocyanins. These are the components in berries that give them their magical memory-enhancing powers. They do this by aiding in the protection against the breakdown of brain cells, which can happen almost daily. Blueberries are especially powerful against the breakdown of brain cells and can help you retain information.