Top 8 Amazing Instruments for New Musicians

Becoming a musician is a long, difficult process of trial and error that rarely ends in fame or monetary success. However, for musicians, when the work does pay off, it pays off big. But if you’re new to music, you might be overwhelmed by the choices. Where to begin? We’ll show you! Here, we present a list of the eight most approachable instruments for those musicians who are just starting out and aren’t sure what to choose.

Number Eight: Double Bass. Though this behemoth bass may look intimidating, it’s actually a great choice for people just beginning. Double bass can be played standing up and with a bow, or its strings can be plucked.

Number Seven: Flute. Flutes are a very popular instrument, so there are a lot of resources available for beginners to help them learn. The main obstacle with learning the flute is coordinating your breath with your fingers.

Number Six: Clarinet. Like the flute, the clarinet is a very popular choice for musicians just learning how to play. The clarinet is a woodwind and is often the first choice for people who eventually want to play the saxophone. Speaking of which…

Number Five: Saxophone. The saxophone is one of the most versatile instruments. Because there are so many types of all shapes and sizes, it’s a great instrument for musicians who really want to customize their musical experience.

Number Four: Trumpet. Trumpets are brass instruments and, like many other instruments on this list, are a very popular choice for kids interested in being in the school band. The trickiest part of learning how to play the trumpet is knowing how to form your mouth around the instrument.

Number Three: Guitar. Turn on the radio, and you won’t be able to find a song that doesn’t feature at least one kind of guitar (if not two, three or more). Though the guitar is admittedly an approachable instrument, it does require effort to learn, and many musicians develop callouses while learning it. However, don’t let that put you off! Once your fingers are acclimated to its strings, playing it becomes second nature to many people.

Number Two: Piano. Walking the line between percussion and string instruments, the piano is one of the most beautiful and rewarding instruments that exists. Though excellent hand-eye coordination is required to become an expert at the piano, this is a skill that will develop naturally over time as you practice.

Number One: Harp. Finally, one of the most approachable and unique instruments for beginning musicians is the harp. Similar to the piano, harp music is presented in double-stave, and while finding someone who is well-versed enough at the harp to teach you might be difficult, it is rewarding and not too difficult. And you know what they say: practice makes perfect!