Top 7 World’s Worst Tattoos

I wonder what these people were thinking when they decided to get these hideous tattoos. Hopefully, they weren’t thinking. No man in his right mind would say, “Hey! Will you draw a Hello Kitty logo on my forehead?” There are several people to blame for the tattoos on this list: the person who decided to get the tattoo, the tattoo artist, and the person who agreed getting the tattoo was a “cool” idea. Check out the seven worst tattoos in the world below.

Number One: Hello Kitty! A man walks in. The tattoo artist asks, “What would you like…a cross? A skull?” The man answers,”Actually, I want to pay homage to my favorite feline.” I would love to know if he has gotten this tattoo removed.

Number Two: Checkerboard, CheckerBORED. “Most people think I am fascinated with checkerboards, but this tattoo actually represents these Vans I’m wearing. I put it on my face so everyone will be able to see it.”

Number Three: Pillsbury Oh-No-Dough. Homer Simpson said it best: “Doh!” This is a bit extreme! At least he can cover it with pants.

Number Four: Spray can? I have no idea what the point of this tattoo is, and it almost looks unfinished. What is the meaning behind this tattoo?

Number Five: Where’s the beef? “I’m a carnivore, and I’m proud of it!” Can someone tell me what’s cool about putting a slab of meat on your body?

Number Six: Drake is the greatest rapper ever! “I just want Drake to know how much I love him. No, he definitely won’t think I’m crazy.” Drake saw this tattoo and tweeted that he hoped it wasn’t real. Unfortunately, it is real.

Number Seven: When the stars align. “I was told in order for something to become true, you have to believe it and put it in the universe. I’m going to be a star one day. My rap name will be Starlett Johansson.”