Top 7 Tricks to Improve Your Life

There are all sorts of life hacks out there, but not all of them are practical. These seven easy tricks will help you improve your life in no time. Quit living inefficiently, impractically and outside of your means and begin living your best life with these seven easy hacks!

Number Seven: Save a Trip to the Grocery. For all those times when you have groceries at home but aren’t sure what to do with them, is here to help! The website will allow you to select the items you have in your kitchen, and it will suggest easy, delicious recipes you can make without an extra trip to the store.

Number Six: Ride the Elevator Right. Riding the elevator can be a painfully slow experience, and we’ve all heard that the “close door” button is only there to psychologically ease your impatient mind. However, by pushing that useless button and your floor number at the same time, the elevator will skip all the floor in between and just hit yours!

Number Five: Calm Your Nerves. If you’re feeling irrationally anxious, pop a stick of gum in your mouth and chew away! The chewing action will trick your brain into thinking you couldn’t possibly be nervous because you’re “eating” (making the chewing motion).

Number Four: Extend a Trial Period. Did you sign up for a free service and want that trial period to last a few days longer? Try moving the clock on your computer back by a few days; it will trick the service into thinking your computer’s date is the actual date.

Number Three: Get Energy the Natural Way. Instead of energy drinks loaded with sweeteners and who knows what else, just drink a glass of chocolate milk. The nutrients in chocolate milk will give you much more energy than an unnatural energy drink will. Not to mention – it costs way less!

Number Two: Stop a Breakout Before it Starts. If you’re seeing pimples pop up, put them back in their place with just a bit of honey. Honey has natural anti-bacterial properties that will clear your pores.

Number One: Charge Your Phone in a Hurry. Rather than using a standard iPhone charger to power up your phone, plug in an iPad charger. The charger is designed to charge a larger product, which means it will charge your phone faster.