Top 7 Exotic Pets You Can Keep at Home

Want to spruce up your life with some exotic pets? We’ve got some of the best options, conveniently ranked for you! These animals are some of the cutest, coolest, and just plain weirdest pets you could have. Keep reading, you might just find one that you have to take home with you!

Number Seven: Sugar Gliders. Sugar gliders come from the southeastern regions of the world and are actually in the same family as kangaroos. However, they are much smaller and more adorable, growing to only about seven inches long. They make great pets because they just love attention and adoration. Although they are very social animals, so if you plan on getting yourself a little sugar glider, make sure to get him a friend!

Number Six: Capybara. The capybara is most commonly found in South America, and can weigh as much as 150 pounds. Roughly the size of a small pig, capybaras are loved for their dog-like characteristics. Loving and attention-craving, these loyal creatures have an impressive intelligence and fascinating adoration for water. Like sugar gliders, they enjoy having friends!

Number Five: Fennec Fox. This little cutie has become a trending favorite for exotic pet owners. The fennec fox, hailing from North Africa, has been described as the perfect cat and dog hybrid. Although, they will cost you a pretty penny, roughly $1,500. Affectionate, relaxed, and living an average of fourteen years, the Fennec Fox makes the perfect pet. Its nocturnal nature isn’t a pleasure for everyone, though.

Number Four: Kinkajou. The Kinkajou, or “Honey Bear”, is one of the most endearing exotic pets available. The Honey Bear is described as loving, playful, and even a bit shy, and he will be your best friend for about twenty-five years. You won’t get all his loves for cheap, though, this sweet little guy will cost you about $2,000. The Kinkajou gets its name from its resemblance to a miniature bear; however, he is actually more similar to the raccoon.

Number Three: Serval Cat. If you have ever wanted to take home a cheetah, the Serval Cat may just be the pet for you. Its characteristics are that of a wild cat that has been domesticated. It is the second fastest cat and a natural born hunter; however, it will also meow and cuddle up to you. These playful kitties grow about two feet tall and weigh in at forty pounds, and will follow you around for up to 20 years.

Number Two: Wallabies. Wallabies are essentially a miniature kangaroo and are quickly gaining popularity in America. They grow to an average height of forty inches, usually weighing about 50 pounds. They are generally kind-hearted and playful animals; however, they may be considered dangerous due to their powerful legs. Primarily, wallabies use these legs to kick back their enemies with force.

Number One: Squirrel Monkeys. Squirrel Monkeys have become a recent internet sensation. Weighing only two pounds, these lovable little primates are the perfect best friend for people with a lot of energy. They love to play, and will want your attention all the time. It’s worth it, don’t worry; they will love you to the ends of the earth. They might break the bank as only one of these little guys will ring in at about $8,000. Also, he might pee on all your stuff.