These Top 6 Foods Will Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar is proven to be an addictive substance, so naturally we seem to constantly crave it. While it is impossible to cut sugar completely out of your diet, there are certainly a myriad of ways that we can cut back on this diet killer. Just eating a handful of certain foods is a great way to end sugar cravings. Here are five foods you can eat to curb your cravings and fool your body into thinking you don’t need sugar; you won’t even want it!

Number Six: Vanilla. It is surprising that an ingredient so closely associated with sugar can help us kick it from our diet, but that is just why it works. Vanilla’s strong scent has the ability to desensitize your nostrils, and it uses the effect to trick your body into thinking it is getting dessert. If you feel a sweet-tooth craving coming on, try lighting a vanilla scented candle. If that doesn’t work, vanilla extract can be added to almost any beverage to satisfy your body’s desire for sugar.

Number Five: Smoothies. We can’t stop raving about smoothies. They provide so many health benefits in an impressive variety of flavors for even the pickiest of eaters. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they are only for the health nut type, as they can be indulgent enough to fool your body into believing you are being rewarded with a sweet treat. Smoothies are nutrient-packed with any array of fruits and vegetables that you like, and they give you a fiber-punch that you don’t even notice as you sip it up! Because of the sweetness provided by various fruits, smoothies will satisfy any sweet-tooth craving without adding on the pounds.

Number Four: Apples. It is actually quite common for our never-ending sugar cravings to result from a deficiency in the body of the necessary nutrient called chromium. Chromium is a metal element that aids in metabolizing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins alike, and it also regulates blood sugar and cholesterol. All in all, this element is a miracle worker, and our bodies require an adequate dosage. Apples are a terrific source of chromium and should be eaten regularly (daily, as prescribed by the doc). With apples supplying your body with chromium, your sugar cravings will satisfy themselves.

Number Three: Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes have a natural sweetness to them, and they also provide amazing health benefits for such an indulgent taste. Honestly, they make a great dessert item or base in contrast to unhealthy counterparts. Sweet potatoes maintain a consistent blood sugar level and prevent insulin spikes, reducing the desire for sweet, fattening snacks. Not only are they ideal for preventing sugar cravings, but they will also boost your immune system, keep your skin supple and smooth, and help to build lean muscle.

Number Two: Nuts and Nut Butter. Nuts and nut butter are definitely superfoods worth their endless praise. In addition to their wonderful taste, nuts work wonders for the human body. If you’re dieting, however, make sure to consume them in smaller portions. They are comprised mainly of proteins and healthy fats, so moderation is key. It is recommended to stick to two tablespoons daily. Also, when choosing nut butters from a supermarket, make sure to check the added sugar content. Like many items on this list, this food reduces sugar cravings by aiding in the stabilization of blood sugar levels. It will also improve the formation of muscles, tightness of skin, and ease of motion for joints.

Number One: Cinnamon. You’re not alone; we too find it strange that spices can have an effect on sugar cravings. Although it is often associated with sugar, cinnamon is one spice that can have a great impact on your process to cutting it down. The chemical composition of cinnamon helps to regulate the body’s blood sugar levels, and it also prevents a large portion of insulin spikes after eating. This helps you from craving that mischievous diet-killer that we call sugar.