Top 6 Daily Practices to Improve Your Life

We all deserve to live our best life. In order to obtain that, it is inevitable that changes must be made for the better. The path to a better life is not as rigorous as it may seem. It starts first with a simple change of mind: desire happiness, and let it come to you. To enhance your quality of life and find your happiness, follow these six helpful practices to live your best life.

Number Six: Just Be Nice. Believe in Karma. The energy that you put out will come back to you. It is ingrained into society’s mind that it is important to make even the smallest nice gestures towards people. And why shouldn’t we? By being kind, we enhance not only the lives of others but our own as well. Doing nice things for others promotes a sense of well-being and accomplishment in our mind. This is rooted to the fact that, as humans, we crave a sense of community and are constantly wanting to feel valued. Not to mention, being nice to others will open the door for others being nice to you. A smile is contagious, and even something so simple and seemingly meaningless can make someone’s day.

Number Five: Meditate for 5 Minutes Every Day. We all need a little “me-time” every now and again, and it is extremely beneficial to your mental health. Take five minutes every morning to meditate and improve yourself. Sit back, relax, and reflect on your goals for the day. Tell yourself what you want to happen, and how you are going to make it so. Focus on today: the past can no longer harm you and has made you a better person, and the future is yet to come. While there are steps you can (and should) take today to give yourself a better tomorrow, you should not let worrying about the future overcome your present life. You are living right here, right now, so try and make the best of the time that you have and live it to its optimal benefit.

Number Four: Stop Devoting Your Life to Making Other People Happy. We can waste our lives away trying to please others, only to come to the realization that this is impossible. If this is your only goal, you will find that you will fall short time and time again. That isn’t healthy for anyone. This is your life; you need to live it based on what is best for you. While it can be valuable to do nice things for others and form relationships, keep in mind that it is not your job to keep everyone happy. Don’t be selfish, but remember that sometimes you need to look out for number one. Your worth is dependent solely upon you, and requires no one else’s approval.

Number Three: Express Gratitude. An aura of gratitude is essential to well-being. When you constantly remind yourself of what is going right in your life, of what you are thankful for, the bad things become less scary. If you only focus on the bad, naturally you will cause negative thoughts and emotions. However if you focus on the good, the good will encompass your life instead. Happiness is only a state of mind, and will only happen if you desire to let it in. Be thankful for even the smallest of things: your morning cup of coffee, your day off, even the warm water splashing your face in the shower. Just remember that life can always get worse, so be thankful for every moment that brings you peace.

Number Two: Remind Yourself of Successes. Most people are constantly focused on the areas of their life that they have fallen short in, or things that are going wrong. The truth is, this may seem like the realistic thing to do, but you will never achieve happiness with your pessimism in your way. When your feel like your life is shattering away, try and acknowledge all of your accomplishments. Maybe that your kids turned out great, you have a great job that you love, or maybe even that you simply wrote a great poem the other day. Acknowledging your successes brings a sense of pride and accomplishment, and motivates you to continue doing great things. When life is heading in a downward spiral, just remember that you have done so many astounding things, and will continue to do more in the future.

Number One: Embrace Love for What Makes You Happy. Just like we mentioned in practice six, the energy you put out will come back to you. Radiate love for all aspects of your life: people, pets, nature, even balance. Embrace it and allow its warmth to flow through you. It is an air of comfort, and you will feel it even in your darkest times. Finding a source, any source, of love in one’s life is truly the key to happiness. It must be something that comforts you, makes you smile, and reminds you that a better day will come.