Top 6 Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is the act of reflection in hopes of transforming the mind. There are many things that are beyond our control, but it is possible to take responsibility for our mind and change it for the better.  Meditation can help the mind, body and spirit. Though it often falls under the pretense that it is a difficult task to master, meditation doesn’t have to be daunting. Anyone has the ability to meditate and transform his or her mind. Sitting five to 10 minutes a day in a quiet environment is really all the meditation needed. What follows is a list of the top 6 benefits of consistent (or even inconsistent) meditation.

Number One: Reduces stress. Meditation is the practice of releasing your thoughts and trying to attain peace. The act itself revolves around creating a mind without agitation. Stress creates agitation and is something that consumes our lives, and meditating will promote a clearer mind to help reduce stress. Stress is known to be a trigger of high blood pressure, and meditating is known to reduce blood pressure.

Number Two: Improves concentration. People who meditate are more centered and have the ability to focus. It should come as not surprise that meditating regularly allows the mind to relax and lets the flow of our thoughts become fluid. The practice also allows your mind to process one thought at a time, which improves concentration.

Number Three: Encourages a healthy lifestyle. Meditation brings focus to the importance of our bodies. It brings the realization that our bodies are our temples and should be treated as such.

Number Four: Decreases acts of anger. Meditation has a calming effect and can help with those who have a short fuse. Meditation helps one recognize his or her own anger and become detached from it. Positive feelings are often a side effect of the practice of meditation.

Number Five: Enhances brain activity. Meditation increases cortical thickness, especially in areas related to introspection and attention. It has been known to increase grey matter (the parts of the brain that facilitate interaction with other neurons) in areas related to memory. Brain volume is also increased by meditation, which helps promote emotional regulation and self-control. Meditation creates better cognition skills and increases memory retention.

Number Six: Beats the blues. Meditation is known to reduce anxiety and can lower levels of depression. Meditation also promotes happy feelings and can decrease pain and inflammation in the body.