Top 5 Ways Guaranteed to Make You More Attractive

Women are constantly striving to make themselves more attractive in hopes of finding a mate. While some women tend to go to more extreme measures, such as Botox treatment or body reconstruction, it isn’t always necessary. For the average woman, it is possible to naturally become more attractive with simple and non-invasive methods. Below are five simple ways that you beautiful ladies out there can make yourselves even more attractive today by natural and easy means.

Number Five: Smile More. This might be a given, but men like a woman who smiles. A smiling woman is more attractive to not only men, but the whole world. A smile makes a woman seem approachable and fun, giving off the vibe that they can, and want, be talked to. It also shows off a woman’s teeth, which are an indicator of good health. Subconsciously, when viewing a potential mate, men look to oral health as an indicator of reproductive possibilities. It is in human nature for humans to find a mate in tip-top health so as to provide the best opportunities for reproduction. You may not know it, but regarding the process of finding a life partner, your smile says a lot about you. So smile more!

Number Four: Keep Your Scent Fresh. Although we will never consciously notice this, human odor is one of the biggest determinants in sexual attraction. There is scientific evidence to show that certain smells do have an effect on the human mind and body, thus leading to the vast development and studies of aromatherapy. However, many of the smells that contribute to our sexual attraction are unnoticeable by our conscious minds, and perceived rather like a feeling of well-being. Studies have shown that both men and women can be attracted or deterred from a potential mate based on the smells put out by their immune system.

Often in these studies, it was reported that people were more attracted to the scent of genes diverse from their own. This means that our subconscious nature is guiding our minds to choose a mate based on the genetics that we personally do not possess, but need in order to produce children with the best chance of survival. It is best to bathe regularly, and avoid potent products such as cigarettes or perfumes. While perfumes may be pleasant to a mate’s nostrils, they cover your natural scent which can have an even more intense sexual effect.

Number Three: Keep That Hair Healthy. Beautiful hair, like a healthy smile, is an indicator of outstanding health and fertility. It is an indicator of how healthy a woman has been in the past two to three years, so damaged hair can send a subconscious message of vitamin deficiency or health issues to prospective mates. Not only is it in their nature for men to desire a woman with luscious, healthy hair, but it is rated as one of the highest attractive qualities. Hair is one of the first things a man will notice about a woman; it frames their face and has the potential to accentuate the better qualities of it. To keep your hair healthy, make sure your getting all of your daily vitamins.

Number Two: Wear Less Makeup. The natural look is in, ladies! Embrace the beauty that you were born with. There’s no need to waste half an hour of your valuable day putting on your face; simply use less makeup to accentuate the stunning features you are already gifted with. There’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup to feel a little extra pretty some days, but chances are that men don’t even notice. Men don’t want to date a clown, they want a naturally beautiful and healthy woman. Besides, wearing so much makeup that your face is completely transformed can be even more detrimental. If things go well, there will come a day that you wake up next to each other, and you won’t have your makeup to hide behind. Studies show that men are more attracted to women wearing 40% less make-up than they normally would. This means that we ladies are trying to reach an unattainable beauty standard that may not even exist.

Number One: Wear Red. As humans, we live in a world of subconscious categorizations. This applies to color, as each color has its own subliminal messages and implications. For example, take black versus white. In Hollywood, black is usually used to denote a source of malicious intent. On the other hand, the protagonist is usually depicted in lighter colors or, more often, white. The color red has been used for centuries as a symbol of power (worn by officials), prestige (the red carpet), and love (red roses). It is seen in America as a color of beauty, passion, and sexuality. Though men may not realize that this color has an effect on how they perceive women, studies show that women associated with the color red are more desirable.