Top 5 Tips for Surviving a GA Concert

General admission concerts can be some of the best and some of the worst concerts you will ever attend. On the up side, at a general admission concert, you have a better chance of standing in the front row and being closer to your favorite artist than ever before. However, you also have to deal with obscene amounts of sweaty people and being shoved up against the barricade. Here are some tips and tricks for how to survive a general admission concert.

Number One: If you want to stand in the front row, arrive at the venue early in the morning. Be prepared to wait in line for the entire day. This tip is pretty self-explanatory, but I still believe that it is necessary to include it in this list. The only way that you will be able to stand in the front row to see your favorite artist is if you arrive fairly early in the morning. Depending on how popular this artist is, you may need to arrive as early as 5 AM or as late as 10 AM. Nonetheless, whatever time you arrive, quickly secure your place in line and be prepared to wait there all day. Make sure to bring all of the necessities, such as proper clothing, food, money, phone chargers, etc. to ensure that you will make the wait time fly by as quickly as possible. Feel free to bring cards or another game to help pass the time as well.

Number Two: Stay hydrated! I cannot tell you how many general admission concerts I have attended where people have been carried out of the crowd after they have passed out due to heat and dehydration. Make sure to bring bottles of water with you (or buy them at the venue) and drink them throughout the day. Drink water while you wait in line to enter the venue as well as once you get inside the venue and are waiting for the show to begin. Water is essential!

Number Three: Wear comfortable shoes. Since general admission concerts are standing room only, you will be doing quite a lot of standing (and not a lot of sitting) all day. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes (not high heels) that you can stand in for a long time. (If you are short and want to see above the crowd, wear comfortable shoes with a slight heel, but nothing too high.) Also, it is advised to wear close-toed shoes so that your feet do not get trampled on during the concert.

Number Four: Make sure you have enough room to stand in. Some of you may be wondering, “How do I do that?” Well, here is the answer. As soon as you secure your place in the crowd, establish your own area and your personal space. You can spread your legs a little farther apart than usual, dance wildly and flail your arms about, or even sit on the ground to create a little more space than you will actually need during the concert. If you choose to sit on the ground, however, make sure that you stand up as soon as the concert begins to avoid getting trampled.

Number Five: If you begin to feel claustrophobic, remove yourself from the crowd! I cannot stress this tip enough. If you are in the middle of a crowd and suddenly you find yourself sweating profusely and being shoved around, leave the pit immediately. I can guarantee you that there is a spot for you to stand in on the side or in the balcony where you can feel safe and still have a great view of the show. You’ll also be able to look down at the mosh pit of people and feel sorry for those still stuck there.

Be sure to follow these tips when you attend your next general admission concert, and I can assure you that you will have a great time. Don’t forget to enjoy the concert itself as well!