Top 5 Reasons Why Zayn Malik Leaving 1D Sucks

He is, or was, one of five. The seemingly unstoppable force called One Direction was put together by Simon Cowell, and Zayn Malik was hand-picked to join the unlikely group of boys in 2010. He was known as the sassy one of the bunch. Even at 17, he had vocal capabilities that put him near the forefront of the group, and he won the hearts of fans all over the globe with his style (no pun intended) and zeal for life.

Yesterday, we learnt that Zayn has left One Direction. While this is no big deal for metal heads and most people over the age of 20, it is devastating for their zillions of fans. Is it possible to have One Direction with only 4 people? Will they be as popular minus the charm of Zayn? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, here are five reasons why Zayn Malik leaving 1D really sucks.

Number Five: His unlikely story. Due to his mixed heritage, Zayn struggled to fit into school and even once he auditioned for X Factor, we watched him fight to stay in. For a guy who couldn’t dance, and even walked off stage during the audition process, we have seen him develop into a confident performer who commands the stage. Throw in the constant barrage from the media about his relationship status and alleged substance abuse, and it is clear that this guy is a fighter. No matter what you think, you have to admire Zayn’s “no guts, no glory attitude” when it comes to life.

Number Four: His relationship with Perrie. It’s hard to get past the “cute” factor when you hear the story of Zayn and his fiancée Perrie Edwards of Little Mix. Both were X Factor competitors. Both were hand selected to join a group of people they’d never met before, and both became super stars in their own right. Zerrie (sorry if you just threw up a bit) is simply a really sweet part of Zayn’s story, and we will miss having them both in the public spotlight. That being said- hooray for the fact he finally gets to have a relationship where he doesn’t have to balance globetrotting and wedding plans. That’s really got to suck.

Number Three: His gusto. Seriously, who else changes the spelling of their name unless they’re a bona fide superstar? I’m not kidding; he changed the spelling of his name from Zain to Zayn. It turned out pretty well for him, I mean it’s scribbled across posters and album covers world over, and the “y” definitely stands out more than the “i.” Perhaps leaving 1D will enable him to keep the gusto he started with. In any case, it’s hard to imagine the band without the Zayn factor.

Number Two: “Vas Happening?” He said it early on in the band’s career (go find it on YouTube and you’ll see), and it became a phrase embedded in the fandom of Directioners. As a phrase, it’s up there with his statement, “I like girls who eat carrots,” and his crazy and random escapades. Mix this with his varsity jackets, his love of cartoons and his iconic hair (he gives Harry some competition), and well… there’s no one else quite like Zayn Malik.

Number One: The voice. It’s easy to dismiss One Direction as just “another boy band,” but to his credit, Zayn has a smooth and mesmerizing tone to his voice that brings a soulful and R&B element to the band’s delivery. With the other lads, he has made a sound that distinct to their own brand, and without his vocals, you can’t help but think something will be lacking now that he’s gone.

Whatever you think of Zayn Malik and One Direction, you can’t deny they’ve made a unique mark on pop culture. Here’s to the guy who never thought he’d make it this far- thanks for being one fifth of the unstoppable enigma that is One Direction, coining expressions that made it into teen girls’ vocabulary everywhere, and treating our ears to some charismatic vocals. Now, I really hope you get to sleep for a year and play a video game or something. After 5 non-stop years on the road, you deserve it.

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