Top 5 Reasons Why Cats Love Boxes

As soon as a box becomes vacant in the presence of cats, they decide to move right in. If you are a cat owner, I’m sure it has become apparent to you that cats just adore boxes! They squeeze their tiny behinds into seemingly uncomfortable positions to fit, and every time it is just too darn cute. Why do they do this to themselves? It’s in their little kitty nature. Here are five reasons why you should save your money on toys for your cats and just give them a box instead.

Number Five: They Crave the Security. Cats are indeed unique creatures, and they are nearly impossible for us humans to fully understand. While being in a tight space is enough to make most people squirm, cats just love being in enclosed spaces. Cats like to be familiar with their surroundings, which is easy to accomplish in a small enclosure such as a box. It makes them calm and comfortable, and it provides a sense of protection.

Number Four: They Are Behaviorally Non-Confrontational. When faced with an issue or threat, cats prefer to run away or hide. This is due to their innate behavior of avoiding conflict. When faced with their daily cat problems, what better way is there to avoid them than to go hide in a box? Heck, on most days when I have to go to work, I feel like hiding in a box, too.

Number Three: It’s a Great Place to Observe… and Pounce! Cats are natural predatory animals; even as domestic pets, it’s in their DNA. They crave the ability to hide and pounce on prey. A box just happens to be the perfect place to embrace this nature. A box is usually enclosed on all sides except for one opening. This means that a cat can perch inside it knowing that they are protected, and observe the happenings around them through one defendable opening. Little did you know, your cat is waiting for something to pass by – such as an ankle or two – to make his/her move and pounce!

 Number Two: It’s Warm in There. Cats thrive in warm, tropical weather. Their ideal, comfortable temperature is anywhere from 86 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is about 20 degrees higher than the ideal temperature for humans. By relaxing in a small, enclosed box, they can keep all their fuzzy warmth trapped with them. Cardboard is a great insulator to preserve kitty heat, so your too-fat-for-a-shoebox cat is probably just trying to get out of the cold.

Number One: Hiding in a Box Eases Their Stress. Many studies of the curious feline ways have proven that boxes are a place of solace for a cat. Much like humans like to hide away in their homes for a bit to regain sanity, cats do the same with boxes. For them, boxes are a place where anxiety, threats, and stress disappear. Kitty me-time in boxes is proven to relieve cats of their kitty-stress, and develop a happier and healthier feline companion.