Top 5 Reasons Why Being Single Isn’t so Bad

If you’re a single man in today’s society, congratulations on being a genius. It’s been consistently jammed in our brains that having a wife or girlfriend is the way to go. But this is the 21st-century fellas, and times are different now. Bachelorhood, for those of you who are blessed to be a part of it, paves the way for a handful of perks that should be taken advantage of. But for those of you who are tied up, don’t get all emotional. There are some benefits that come with having a woman by your side. But that’s not why we’re here. For your personal benefit, here are the top five reasons why being single isn’t so bad.

Number Five: Go On Better Vacations. Being able to roam free and call your own shots while you’re vacationing will make your getaway just as enjoyable. You’ll also be able to talk to just about any beautiful woman that crosses your path. Not only that, but you won’t won’t have to worry about covering expenses for someone else.

Number Four: Save More Money. Having a girlfriend or wife is an investment you should think carefully about. The fact is that you will be spending more money on dates, gifts, and trips to keep her satisfied. Take some time to do you and save your hard earned money.

Number Three: Stay In Better Shape. Sometimes the wrong woman can and will slow you down. Less time in the gym and more time with her means that what was once a fit body may become a fat tub of goo. Staying single means you can plan your days the way you like with zero complaints.

Number Two: Casual Sex Is Good For Your Health. If you’re single, you have the freedom to sleep with new women whenever you would like. The spontaneity of engaging in casual sex is actually good for decreasing the symptoms of depression. But of course, be safe, and ALWAYS be a gentleman.

Number One: Get Better Sleep. Having the entire bed to yourself without having to worry about someone kicking you or hogging the covers will allow you to rest in peace. Studies show that sleeping alone allows you an average of 49 more minutes of sleep per night.