Top 5 Reasons Your Band’s Shows are Empty

Have you ever wondered why, when your band is performing anywhere, you are usually performing to empty chairs and empty halls that are so silent, one could hear the chirping of crickets around your arena? If it has happened to your band once, it could have been a mistake that you made somewhere. If it has happened twice, then it could be a coincidence, but if it tends to happen each and every time that you guys schedule a performance, then these 5 reasons are why you are not getting any attendees and might not in the foreseeable future. 

Number Five: You are not going out into the world. Once you set up a show, it is important for you and your band to attract the right attention in the weeks that will be leading up to the big show. Staying cooped up in the house working on your vocals might do well for how you will sound, but then again the chairs will not care. You have to hit some of the popular local spots, big shows and birthday parties; anywhere that you know will attract a multitude of people is where you should be.

At some point as you are striking up conversations with different people, it is going to be evident that you have a band and this is your queue to invite people over to your next show; however, make sure you don’t use this as a marketing platform, or you will have people scampering for privacy anytime you show at a public event. Given that you may not already have people attending your show, this could hurt you even more. 

Number Four: You rely on the venue to do everything for you. You have paid for the venue, and one of the reasons as to why you chose that particular venue is perhaps because you have noticed that it usually has a sizeable attendance that you hope will come stumbling in to your show. If not that, you are hoping that once your band has been listed on the events calendar the venue will help you promote your show. 

Well, if you were a big act, they could do you that favor, but then again there are so many events that they may have to take care of, so you may have to take a chunk of the promotion burden yourself. In any case, if your show is a success the first time around and you pack out the venue, then they might try harder to promote you next time you and your band decide to drop by. 

Number Three: You have bored your fans out of their minds. Ever wonder why even the biggest names in the entertainment industry take some time off? Well because they know no matter how good they are, being the only thing moving on the screen all the time would make them insignificant. The same case applies to your band. If you are always performing at the same venue, people will be less likely to make the effort to come to your shows. After all, they know it won’t be long before you come back. 

You have to make the people want you, so space out your shows. Even good music becomes a bore if played too often. That is how hit songs die out. It is best to space out your shows between 6 and 8 weeks. This gives enough time for people to notice your absence as well as the marketing team to get the wheels for sales well-lubricated and ready to roll. 

Number Two: Facebook seems to be your only marketing platform. Facebook can be a great place to reach a lot of people. However, you should know that you are not the only one who knows that; heck, every one of the one billion people that use the site probably know that. If you post your event social media, know that you will be competing with those of bunny competitions and cook offs, and they just get so many that yours will probably be forgotten the moment that it has been seen and closed.

Market your shows from all angles that you can find: print posters, put up flyers, use social media, shout if you have to, use the press and any other brilliant idea that you can come up with. Something tangible is much easier to remember, don’t you think so?

Number One: You Suck! Okay, probably I said that a bit too straight forward, but think about it. Your marketing is good and you are using all the right platforms, but you can’t even get your friends to come to your shows and each time you ask them, they hesitate and cringe before they give an answer. Why do you think this is the case?

If your parents have gone from, “Have you practiced today?” to “You are making too much noise in the garage!” that is because they have not seen any noticeable improvement despite the practice and they are sure that you suck. At this point, it is time that you start accepting reality. 

Out of the five reasons, it is up to you to pick which oneor rather which ones—are ailing your band. Keep in mind that before anything else, you have to be good, but I’m hoping you are good, so that is why the “you suck” came lastjust in case all else is not working.