Top 5 Most Common Types of Gym-Goers

Whichever gym you go to, there always has and always will be different types of men pumping iron and sweating beads of testosterone. However, at the end of the day we all have this one thing in common: we want a better body. The perfect balance of muscle and size is something we crave to not only improve our self-image, but to also increase our stock with our love interests. Gym-goers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Below we go over a list of the five most common types of people you’ll see at your gym.

Number Five: The Old Guy. As we grow older, our bodies become less efficient at producing hormones that are essential for muscle growth. Our energy levels drop and we just won’t be as fast and sharp as we once were. The “Old Guy” is the individual who wants to revive his younger years, maintain his health, and show all the young guys how it’s “really” supposed to be done.

Number Four: The Buff Bro. With his pre-workout and aminos in hand, The “Buff Bro” knows what it takes to develop a body similar to that of bodybuilders’, with one exception. These guys sometime neglect their legs, causing them to look like a real life Mr. Incredible. They’re easy to spot with their do-it-yourself cut-off shirts and heavy lifting tools nearby.

Number Three: The Athlete. The most well-balanced type in the gym, the “Athlete” has just the right amount of size and body fat to allow him to show off his hard work. This individual takes pride in his personal appearance while working out, and he usually rocks the latest Nike and Under Armour training gear. You’ll see him doing a variety of workouts, and he always gets his cardio in.

Number Two: The Overweight Hopeful. Let’s be honest, being obese is unhealthy and bad for your body. Over time, obese individuals are at a much higher risk of developing chronic diseases and can face a premature death. The “Overweight Hopeful” has realized these risks and has decided to take the necessary steps to lose weight. He may be self-conscious and shy, but over time his consistency will pay off.

Number One: The Skinny Novice. Some guys are just plain old skin and bones. This body type may have gotten you by in high school, but as you get older you may experience that women like a guy who they feel can protect them. Unless you’re an experienced martial artist, skin and bones won’t cut it. The “Skinny Novice” is the guy in the gym who hasn’t got a clue what to do to make some gains. But he’s there to try anyway, most likely accompanied by a couple of his friends.