Top 5 Most Anticipated Summer Albums So Far

Number Five: How Big How Blue How Beautiful by Florence + The Machine.

The exotic, passionate sounds of Florence + the Machine are constantly evolving and changing. But even still, the songs that we’ve heard so far off of How Big How Blue How Beautiful (“Ship To Wreck,” “St. Jude” and “What Kind of Man”) have everything that we love from Florence + The Machine. Except bigger and better, amplified by a more organized and rhythmic sound. Lead by stadium-sized vocals from Florence Welch, the new album promises to be even more of a show stopper. How Big How Blue How Beautiful is out June 2nd through Island Records.

Number Four: Venus by Joy Williams.

Despite having four solo albums and four EPs, Joy Williams is mostly known as being one half of the country-rock duo, The Civil Wars. Venus is Williams first solo-album since 2005. And by what we’ve heard of it so far, it promises to be a female-empowering album that transcends genres. “Woman (Oh Mama)” and “Until the Levee” are fresh, primal sounding anthems that promise Venus to be a unique and amazing record. Venus drops June 30th through Sensibility Music and Columbia Records.

Number Three: Dark Before Dawn by Breaking Benjamin.

It’s been a long time since this rock band has been really active. In fact, we hadn’t really heard anything from them since they released their Best Of album back in 2011. But if the last three songs (“Failure,” “Angels Fall,” and “Defeated”) are anything to judge by, Breaking Benjamin is back and better than ever. But there’s no telling how much the band has really grown and developed until we hear the album. Dark Before Dawn drops June 23rd through Hollywood Records.

Number Two: The Original High by Adam Lambert.

Adam has been really busy these past few years, and his American Idol days are far behind him. He’s toured the world with Queen and come out better because of it. With his velvety voice leading the way, every note of “Underground” hits you in just the right ways and sends shivers down your spine. And “Ghost Town” gets your hips moving and swaying to the beat with its mix of club house rock and soul. To top it all off, they’re both filled with so much potential and just leave you begging for more. The Original High came out June 16th through Warner Bros. Records.

Number One: Drones by Muse.

Muse never fails to amaze. From Showbiz to The 2nd Law, they’ve been constantly changing and evolving. Now they’re back with what they swear is their best album ever. Drones will tell a story from beginning to end, which is a game changer for the UK prog-rock band. “Psycho,” “Dead Inside,” and “Mercy” have allbeen massive hits so far, and the album is no different. With killer vocals and unique instrument combinations, there’s no telling what Muse has in store with what will be their seventh album. Drones dropped June 8th, through Warner Bros. Records.