Top 5 Moments of Guy Sebastian’s ‘Madness’ Tour

Guy Sebastian has been a well-known face on the Australian music scene for twelve years now, and with the release of his album Madness finally comes his first full scale arena tour. The largely packed stadium and screams during his Melbourne gig at Rod Laver Arena was a far cry from the days of small, intimate gigs at the Palais Theatre. Yet as he wowed the crowd with his superb vocals and a stage show to match, it was clear he has never lost the ability to connect with his audience on an emotional and personable level. Here are my Top 5 Moments from Guy Sebastian’s Madness Tour.

Number Five: Guy’s duet with Fatai. Upcoming artist Fatai featured on Guy’s duet, “Lightning,” and after appearing as his opening act on tour, she returned to the stage where the duo gave an utterly compelling performance of the ballad. The stage presence that both exhibited was phenomenal, and despite being a lot newer to the industry, the 18 year old held her ground and their voices soared magnificently together.

Number Four: The stage show in “Animal.” The lights, the glamour, the synchronized dance moves… this was a performance not to be missed! A fun and catchy tune written with a ripper horn section, every member of the band moved in unison and the backup singers simultaneously became dancers, joining Guy in putting on a memorable performance perfected for an arena audience.

Number Three: The throwback sequence. My heart was made so happy when Guy walked back onto stage midway through the show in a suit and took us back to 2003. Re-enacting the moment he won Australian Idol, his break out his “Angels Brought Me Here” was made cool again with a big band sound and the audience were in raptures over the flashback. Let’s be real, there’s no way Guy can perform this tune ‘seriously’ anymore; the quality of his work now far outweighs the classic ‘winners single.’ That being said, his bravado, in front of old-cringe worthy video clips none the less, as he delightfully performed many of his old hits, was brilliant for a long-time fan like me.

Number Two: Guy’s performance of “Linger.” One of his strongest singles to date, Guy’s performance of “Linger” was mesmerizing. Choosing to implement Lupe Fiasco’s rap himself, the quality of the vocals and performance were on par, if not better than, the recording. Throw in the haunting lights and graphics and this was simply epic.

Number One: Guy’s performance of “Imagine the Sunrise.” When Guy grabbed his acoustic guitar and sat down next to a cellist, the audience knew we were in for a treat. Performing the gorgeous track, “Imagine the Sunrise,” Guy struggled to hold back tears as he shared the story that inspired the tune. Complimented with images from the work of his charity, The Sebastian Foundation, you could have heard a pin drop throughout this performance. In it, he somehow made an arena turn into a small, intimate gathering of friends and this is what made the Madness Tour electrifying and beautiful.

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